Scoundrel's Luck

Black Magic Evil

Armory, The Facility

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: As usual, we find ourselves in a tight situation with no plan. And of course, nobody has any ideas. Knup closes his eyes and goes into Force Mode.

KNUP: "Upstairs, at the very top of this place… I feel Light, and, and… "

HARRIS: “…the Darkness! Black magic evil mothaf*ckas?”

Knup nods his head in agreement. Looks like we will be dealing with some seriously bad dudes.

Harris says something stupid to Neralli, and she becomes super-duper pissed. Arrik claims that the two of them fight like a married couple. If I ever fought like that with my lovely wife Nelsa Loy, I think she would literally tear me limb from limb. She is kind of aggressive.

After the fight, Harris and Darwin approach me with the best idea I have ever heard: We should rig the armory to explode just in case our yet-to-be-created plan doesn’t pan out. I am delighted to oblige them. I feel a little bit bad for Darwin, because all of the weaponry in here belongs to him. But I really, really hope I get to blow this place up.

While I rig the explosives, Neralli finds a computer terminal and discovers that the facility alert level has gone from green to yellow and that large numbers of troopers are headed to the site of the massacre. Looks like they are on to us.

Harris and Knup assume their pseudo-command positions and come up with a “plan.” Using the map on the computer terminal, Knup decides that the Darkness and the Light that are exciting his tingly parts are coming from the same place: the command center upstairs. Harris works out the logistics. We are to march upstairs against the torrent of storm troopers, overthrow the command center, turn off the alarm, kill the Darkness, and rescue the Light. Then escape and find the Escalade. He does not work out any of the details. Much to my shock and horror, Arrik does not interject. We must truly be screwed.


Elenore Wojo_Cubar

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