Scoundrel's Luck

High Alert

Main Level, The Facility

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: Neralli and I stay hidden in the armory with Arrik for protection while Harris, Knup, and Darwin head out into the hallway (still in uniform, of course) to take a peak at the goings-on. When they return, they tell us that there is quite a bit of storm trooper activity and that it seems pretty chaotic. Everyone is on high alert, not surprisingly. Harris suggests that even though he, Knup, and Darwin drew no attention from the troopers, Neralli and I might raise some eyebrows. And unfortunately we will both be needed upstairs.

Harris starts in on my horns again. He claims that nobody likes my storm trooper outfit with my extra-large helmet. I explain to him that it worked just fine for getting me into this mess, and I ask him why it is suddenly an issue now. He offers no satisfactory explanation. He only begs me to allow him to cut off my horns so my head will fit into a normal storm trooper helmet. And of course he claims that he will replace them with bigger ones later. I am no doctor but I know for sure that it doesn’t work that way. His obsession with cutting off my horns must be some kind of jealousy issue. I decide to be the bigger man (in more ways than one) and just let it slide this time.

So it looks like I’m going to have to remove my storm trooper gear and join Neralli as a fake prisoner. Darwin conceals my pistol somewhere on my person. I’d rather have Knup do this, because he is a magician at that sort of thing, but he is too consumed with the Darkness to be of much help. Meanwhile, more evidence of a budding romance between Harris and Neralli is taking place as Harris awkwardly tries to hide a weapon on Neralli. I watch as Harris licks his fingers and then rubs them through his eyebrows. Arrik laughs and says something about “Rule 34.” Rule 34 must be some kind of Imerpial law or something. I’m not sure how it applies to this situation. I will do a holonets search for it later if we don’t die.

We step out into the hallway and make our move. Harris and Darwin, in their officer’s uniforms, take the lead. Neralli and I are in the middle as prisoners, and Knup and Arrik are bringing up the rear as guards. We need to get Neralli to a computer terminal in the command center. With our officer’s code cylinder she should be able to figure out how to override the alarm and find the exact location of the Darkness and the Light.

Storm troopers are everywhere, headed in all different directions. No one seems to have any idea what is going on. The door heading to the hangar bay is now heavily guarded. The troopers all seem to be eager to take a peak at the carnage down there. We seem to go completely unnoticed as we head for the stairs to the command center. We pass a pair of guards standing in front of a heavy duty set of doors. Another hangar bay, perhaps? They watch us go by but don’t leave their posts.

Eventually we reach a corridor. Harris gestures that this is the place. We move carefully down the corridor and around a corner. There we find a locked door, strangely unguarded. We all gather around Neralli as she quickly unlocks the door. She really is a whiz at the whole door-unlocking thing. Good thing. I sometimes get trapped in my own fresher, and I know Knup grew up in a house without locks, or doors, for that matter.


Elenore Wojo_Cubar

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