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How to buy a used speeder...

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The thoughts of De’kar


What a con man this Twi’lek is… Thinks that because he’s got two pretty girls with him to show off his wares that we won’t notice how bad they look… But this is a pile of junk…

“This beautiful example of Old Republic craftsmanship is going to serve you well my friend.”
So this salesman knows how old this thing is…

“She’s been maintained on a corporate schedule”
Meaning only when it was broken to bad to move

“You’ll never find a deal like this anywhere else in the Sphere”
Meaning he’s trying to rip us off.

This is ridiculous… How hard can it be to find a decent landspeeder. You’d think with all the criminals around there’d be a brisk market, but this is all junk.

Crackles arise from the Com, and then Ren’s voice almost whispers “Found anything worth seeing yet Sep?”
De keys the mic. “Nothing but old junk and used speeder salesman. How about you?”
“Nothing here either.”
Great, so even the mechanic can’t find a gem in this roughage.

“Well, we got one more swap meet to check, maybe we’ll find something there, I’m headed that way, why don’t you look for some legs for Bones while we’re at it, he’s been really loyal.” De then switches the com to silent mode, and moves on, leaving the Twi’lek yelling something after him about sweetening the deal.
He probably meant one of those ladies – scumbag, if I had more time I squash vermin like that, exploiting folks like Vula and Esma

This is looking more promising.

De speaks slowly in Basic, “How much for this one, with the open bed?”
Jeesh – I hope this guy knows Basic, and man I wish I knew Huttese.

The Rodian says something to a little box in Huttese, the box then says in bad broken Basic “THE TOP OPEN MODEL IS FOR SALE
De then speaks to the box, “How Much?”

Somehow, the two words end up being almost 15 in Huttese, but the Rodian seems to understand, then says something in return to the Box. The translation seems to take some time. “YOU WANT HAVE SEE SOME BONUS TOOLBOXES IN BACKPLEASE WITH ME TO FOLLOW
Oh, this is not good. Not what I meant at all – I bet it was a damn passcode and I didn’t get it. De then starts swearing quietly in Ryl as he follows the Rodian… To his surprise the Rodian chuckles at his expletives.

They quickly reach the “special toolboxes” and De is surprised to see that the good stuff really is back here, including something he wasn’t expecting… Eggs! In incubators.

“What are the eggs for?” De asks in Ryl, figuring the chuckle might mean this Rodian speaks it.
“Hutts have strange tastes in foodstuffs. They like to eat these varactyls when they’re just hatched,” the Rodian answers in a passable Ryl.
My god – what monsters.

“Do these already have a buyer?” De chokes back his anger enough to answer politely.
“They DID, but he backed out, and now I’m stuck with them, and they’ll hatch in a day or two… There’s not a market for live varactyls… What a mess.” The Rodian seems really disappointed.
“Hmm… I might be able to help you out there friend.”
By the Force I hope he goes for this line.

“I happen to have someone who wants one of those, maybe I can take it off your hands, and one of your better used speeders of course, the real reason I’m here…”
“Hmm… You would be saving me a lot of trouble finding a new purchaser at the last minute. How many can you take?” The Rodian’s eyes have lit up at the prospect of a deal.

“One for now, the nearest to hatching would be best, and maybe more if they’re suitable.” De tries to sound like he does this sort of thing all the time, and it almost works. “But let’s talk speeders first, I need an open top transport, something sturdy for rough worlds, and small enough to fit in a freighter – not one of those bulk jobs, a Corellian make.”
I am so glad he speaks Ryl, this would have gotten very awkward very quickly if we’d been forced to use that damnable translator.

“I can show you one you won’t hate”
The Rodian leads De to what appears to once have been a SoroSub V-35 Courier, a really common landspeeder in his day. Except this one has been… modified? The engines are on the sides, instead of the top, and the back area where the 3rd seat should have been was gone. There instead was a large flatbed area, with tie-downs and pockets for stakes. It looks like a horrible cross between a flatbed hauler and an airplane. But it was carefully done, and was well cared for – from the looks of it. After that – the haggling begins.

Thirty minutes later, De’kar is the proud new owner of a modified SoroSub V-35 Truck, and a varacytl egg and incubator. Got to keep this hidden until we’re in orbit, they may not be as keen on this as I am… and I need some lichen… I’ll get some in the truck.

“Hey Fuzzy, I got us a good one, wanna meet me at the corner?” De speaks into his commBrick.
“Sep – I found some treads for Bones, can you meet me at the vendor third row, fourth booth from the north end?”
“Sure thing. Be there in ten minutes.”

De rolls up in the Flatbed, with two small crates in the back, and plenty of room for the treads. It’s a nice looking hauler, except for the purple… all Purple. Ren and De load the parts, and head for the ship…


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