Scoundrel's Luck

Kuat bound

Can't you guys go to hyperspace once without shooting something?

You crew has a lovely lunch, and the bantha steaks are as good as you would have hoped. Just like home, De.
De’kar: sniffs

When you return to the ship, the wheat has been delivered, and Vula has it all safely packed into the cargo bay.
De’kar: “wow – nice job Vula.” and hands her a to-go box with a bantha steak, sweet potatoes, and a slice of apple pie.
Vula: “Ooooh thanks, I’m starving. I’m going to go wash up and then eat this” she bounces off to wash her hands

Kenzi: “All right. Abe, how difficult would it be to redistribute our… product so there’s some in the containers we’ve just acquired?”
ABE: >The issue is already addressed, Master Vigil. Repackaging and hiding completed.<
Kenzi: “You’re a lifesaver, Abe. Much appreciated.”
8:31 PM Kenzi: As the group approaches the ship, Kenzi slows down and waves Ren over.
ABE: >>Due to the saftey requirements of this ship’s passengers, I believe it wise to tell you that we are being watched from an adjacent docking bay<<
Kenzi: (to Abe) “You saw him, too?”
De’kar: looks nonchalantly at the adjacent bay
Ren: * Ren wanders over. *
Vula: Vula comes back rubbing her tummy That was delicious….. what are you guys looking at?" her eyes get big and watch Ren
Kenzi: Kenzi points out a nondescript man around the corner of the adjacent docking bay who’s looking our way, as discreetly as he can
De’kar: De heads inboard, and grabs his blaster carbine, standing inside the ramp, but ready for Anything
De’kar: out of sight
Kenzi: “Could just be curious,” Kenzi mutters to Ren. “But I don’t feel like takin’ that chance. Do you?”
Ren: * The bothan frowns in that direction, indiscreetly. *
“Oi! You there! What do you want?” Ren calls out to the lurker.
Kenzi: “Oh, boy,” Kenzi groans.
Vula: Vula facepalms and whispers to Ken This is going to go greeeat"

The man starts, but seems to regain his composure quickly. He walks around the corner, just inside the docking bay door. “Just admiring the YT.”
Ren: * Ren crosses his arms, his frown firmly in place. * “From the shadows? Bit dodgy of you, eh?”

He gestures at the bottom of the ship. “I used to have one like it – I see you haven’t replaced the bottom turret. Eh, it’s not nice to stare.” He doesn’t look away from Ren.

De’kar: takes aim – he’s too curious
Kenzi: Kenzi hovers close to De.

Kenzi: (all smiles) “Are bottom turrets a problem with this model? I’m afraid we haven’t had her long.” He slowly approaches the stranger

“Firing arc on the stock is bad. You’ll get a blind spot.” The man isn’t moving to meet you, but his hands are calmly at his sides.

Kenzi: “We’ll be sure to look into that…”

“Hey,” he shrugs, “Just like to look out for other spacers.”

Kenzi: “Much obliged. We were just about to shove off.” He glances back at Ren and the others, then back at the stranger

De’kar: gives a thumbs down at the glance and blows out his mustache
Kenzi: “But before we do, I’d be much obliged to know what you’re really doing here.”

He looks straight at Kenzi. “Just loading some cargo. About to make a run to the outer rim. Why, what are you really doing here?”

Vula: whispers to Ren We need to be out there with Ken now… something isn’t right with this dude"

Ren: * Ren frowns at the twi’lek, but shrugs and starts walking up behind Kenzi. *
Kenzi: Holding the stare is taking a lot of effort “Just loading some cargo. About to make a run to Alderaan.”
De’kar: is getting rather angry at this point… says" abe – start the ship up"

“Good, that’s a profitable run.” He looks over your shoulder at the ship. “I’d be careful though. Lots of…traffic.”

Vula: walks behind Vula "Hey sweetie! she winks “What is your name and where ya from?” ABE: >>Afirmative: Engines and weapons coming on-line, Sir<<

Kenzi: Kenzi relaxes a little; Vula just kept him from calling this dude a liar to his face

He looks Vula up and down. “Nice,” he says, looking at her. “And it’s not important.” He gives Kenzi one final look, and turns to leave.

Vula: Vula twitches for a moment like she got a chill

“Later.” He gives a small two-finger wave as he turns and disappears around the corner."

Kenzi: “We need to get out of here now.” Ren: “What the hell was that all about?” Kenzi: “I know he was lying, but not about what.” De’kar: stands up from behind the crate and hollers, “Abe has the ship warming up, and we’re loaded, lets get clearence and go before he has a chance to report in” Vula: “It takes a lot for a guy to creep me out…. he creeped me out… I feel like I need a shower now” Kenzi: “But if he’s sticking his nose in our business, I don’t want any other noses following his.” De’kar: “Cap, next time, give me a signal if we’re in danger so I know I have clearence to shoot.”

Behind you, you hear the now familiar whine of the ships engines coming online

Ren: “Maybe he recognized the ship. Or its old name – might not be best to keep that.”

Kenzi: He nods to De. “That’s just it, I wasn’t sure. Let’s get our clearance, and a course plotted.”
De’kar: “next time, if you know, salute, I’ll shoot. that man was a spy, or I’m no scout.” Full ragestache in effect
Kenzi: “This run’s gettin’ worse all the time.”

You all climb onto the ship, and Ren and De settle into the cockpit..Vula is on ops, and contacts departure.

ABE: * moves to engineering *
Kenzi: Kenzi drums his fingers on his knees

Maybe you are all on edge a little, but it seems like it takes a little longer to get clearance. But eventually you are given a departure vector.

De’kar: scans the ship in the next bay -where the dude was standing

He’s standing by a heavily modified YT-2000, and watches you intently as you take off and vector out of Hanna City

Kenzi: “Uh, anyone know how to find a homing device?” Ren: “Abe?” Kenzi: “Or am I just being paranoid?” ABE: >>A search of the ship, inside and out, may possibly find such a thing. Preliminary scans are negative at this time<< Vula: “Not paranoid, we should check.” De’kar: “I don’t know what they would look like now…”

The ship rattles out into orbit, and you power away from Chandrila

De’kar: paranoia kicks in and he scans hanna before we leave for Hyper

There isn’t any unusual activity that you can see, but you double and triple check just to be sure

De busies himself with the sensors, and Ren steers clearly away from the planet

Ren swiftly enters the coordinates into the navicomputer, and the countdown timer begins
Kenzi: “I need a drink.”
De’kar: “Do you think he was a republic operative?” De asks with a sidelong glance at Ren

Vula’s ops console starts to beep wildly

Ren: * Ren passes Kenzi a flask. *

Kenzi: “Oh, NOW what?”
Vula: Vula yells loudly “Ummm guys we have a problem!”
Ren: “There is no ‘Republic’ anymore, Sep.”
ABE: * plugs in *
De’kar: “what now!?!” eyes on gauges
Ren: * The bothan grimaces at the noise. * “Talk to me, Vula.”
Vula: “Star Destroyer”
De’kar: “kill the transponder!”
Vula: “Just now making its way out of hyperspace”
Ren: “Ofer…” he curses.
Kenzi: “Can we avoid her?”
Vula: “150k off our starboard bow, we can make it into hyperspace I think”
Kenzi: “Do it.”
Ren: “Abe. Activate the extra hyperdrive. Just in case.”
De’kar: Glances at ren “do we fly casual or book it with finesse?”
Ren: “The latter, Sep. Punch it.”

  • The pilots begin evasive maneuvers. *
    De’kar: hits the throttle
    Kenzi: "They’ll be right on top of us otherwise. Maybe we can avoid attention altogether if – " He’s jerked back in his seat
    Vula: “I can run us siletn, and jam out our transmissions – taking care of it now”
    "SHIT… now we got TIEs
    ABE: >>Stripping power from weapons and shields for increase in engine output<<
    >>Second hyperdrive coming on-line<<
    Vula: “Want me to try to jam their transmissions too?”
    De’kar: “Cap – angle the deflectors double aft”
    Ren: To Vula, “Do it!”
    Kenzi: “We’d better try.”
    ABE: lights dim
    Vula: “DONE!”
    Kenzi: Kenzi unfastens himself from the seat and heads for the gunwell
    me: The shields blink to life
    De’kar: squints – and grins maniacally
    me: Two sets of three TIE fighters are barely visible against the black. The Star Destroyer is slowly turning to intercept
    Kenzi: “I could use power to the guns,” he calls out as he climbs the ladder

Kenzi slides into the turret, and straps himself in

Ren: “We can run or we can fight, Boss. Not both.” De’kar: “I vote we run!” Ren: In an undertone, “At least not well.” Kenzi: “Just getting ready in case the decision gets taken away from us…”

The TIEs rush straight on to you, begining a standard maneuver to peel off on both sides of the ship. The navicomputer beeps at you – one minute thirty seconds to hyperdrive.

De’kar: “they’re going for the pincer Ren, wanna immleman when they close?”
Kenzi: Kenzi pulls on his comm headset, sweating bullets

Ren begins to pull the turn, but two of the TIE’s break off and stick close to the ship instead of scattering

Ren: “I’m just going to ram one. Those things don’t have shields, right?”
Kenzi: “I’m taking the shot!”
me: The two TIEs which are close to yuo begin to fire across the ships’ exposed side
De’kar: “balance the shields first!” shouts de

Vula’s fingers dance across the console, and the shields blink to life, and you all hear the unfamiliar sound of the turret charging up and unloading

Ren: * Ren kills the throttle, hoping to send the TIEs (and their shots) past the front of the ship. *

Green laser fire lances from the Errant Venture, catching one of the TIE"s on the support strut. The TIE pinwheels out of control and bursts into flames

De’kar: de tries to angle the ship for the best arc on the turret – since ren is handling the throttle

The navicomputer beeps again: one minute to hyperspace

De Puts the ship into a hard turn, and Kenzi suddenly has an unobstructed view of three of the ships

Kenzi: Kenzi fires again

Ren jams the throttle as De pulls hard. The turret fires again, and one of the TIE’s explodes. The second nimbly maneuvers away, and opens fire on the starboard shields

The TIE’s fire rakes the side of the ship, and Vula keeps the shields stabilized. On the other side, two of the TIE’s begin to loop around and charge directly for the ship.
“Forty five seconds”

Kenzi: “Hold together, Venture…”
De’kar: “they’re trying to joust now – how are the shields holding up Vula?” grimaces “ren – should we juke or play chicken?”
Ren: “Keep it up, Sep. I’m not afraid to say I’m out of my depth here.”
“Make the call.”
De’kar: “Vula? Abe? how are the shields?”
Vula: “De … the front shields are getting low… I’m going to have to get all fancy with the doodad if we get hit straight on… what do you want to do?”
ABE: >>Direct contact with enemy ship should be avoided due to potential damage.<<
Vula: “Fancy and Fast”
De’kar: “dodge it is!” pulling into a spiral to try and go between them

Kenzi’s turret bursts to life, and one of the trailing TIE’s is taken out

Ren feathers the throttle as De pulls hard between the TIEs. The lasers deflect harmlessly off the side shields and vula keeps them steady.
The fighters are all now behind the Venture, and the navicomputer trills “Fifteen seconds”
De’kar: over the comm De grunts “Cap – which way to give you a good shot?”
Kenzi: “Steady on, I’ll work around you!”
me: Vula sees one of the TIE’s disappear from the HUD
Kenzi: “Got another one”

Vula pulls power at the exact last moment to shunt to the hyperdrive, and De and Ren snap roll the ship into position for hyperspace.

The stars streak past the cockpit as the Venture pauses, then launches into hyperspace, the TIE’s firing uselessly at the spot you just were

Kenzi: “Is that it? Are we clear?”
Ren: “Seems.”
Vula: Vula sighs heavily “For now”
Ren: “So. Space combat. That’s…a new one on me.”
De’kar: “good greif” takes comm off and tosses it on the console “do you people ever go to hyperdrive without geting shot at”
ABE: >>Affirmative. We are Clear<<

  • reroutes power to normal places *
    Ren: “Well, we did before we thawed you out anyway…”
    Kenzi: Kenzi climbs down and makes his way back to the cockpit
    De’kar: “that figures… just my luck – you have good instincts – I don’t think that would have worked as well otherwise.”
    De’kar: small bow to ren
    Ren: “We’ll have to work on the, ah… jargon.”
    Kenzi: He stops by the kegs in the cargo hold to arrange a drink first.
De’kar: “you just don’t have military pilot training, you can do the maneuvers, you just don’t know what they are.”

De’kar: “so ummm… is everything still where it’s supposed to be?”
Ren: “Abe, we take any damage?”

Vula: Vula looks up at them “Shields are getting way too low on power, esp if we are going to encounter something like that again. We should recharge them”
ABE: >.Low power. No damage taken.<<
Ren: To Vula and Abe. “Do what you can.”
Vula: "Lets get to work little buddy "
De’kar: “at this point, I think we should assume we will be encountering that again.” blows out mustache “it seems inevitable”
ABE: >.re-routing weapon systems to recharge sheilds<<
>>Sub-light engines off-line for maintenance<<
Kenzi: “Now all we have to do is not blow up for awhile.”
De’kar: “we’ve been doing good at that.”
Ren: “We’ll need to figure out how to find any homing devices that may have been installed, too. When the opportunity presents itself.”
Vula: Vula snorts laughter at Ken

Vula and Abe make short work of the capacitor, and soon the shields are humming

Kenzi: “Good work. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m due for a heart attack.”

Vula: “Do you think we might find someone thats good at massages frozen down in the cargo space?”
De’kar: “that was some good shooting Cap.”
ABE: >>negative. Heart attack not imminent. Adrenaline levels should return to normal withing a few minutes.<< .
Kenzi: Kenzi starts to say something to Vula, but says something else: “… I think I would have noticed. But I can always check again.”
ABE: >>Wookie massage program found. Do you wish to continue?<<
Vula: Vula starts to say something to Kenzi… and then falls over laughing at Abe
Ren: “A little too Bohemian for me, thanks.”
ABE: >>Bohemian medical data not found. File updates required.<<
Vula: “So apparrently we do have our own massage therapist on board… although I’m not sure I would trust a droid to do a Wookie style massage.. could be painful”
De’kar: “I think I will pass Abe – I am in need of a stiff drink.” stands up and heads aft to the “galley”
Vula: “I prefer someone with softer hands…”
Kenzi: “And I’d need to be a lot more drunk than this.”
Ren: * Takes his flask back from Kenzi, lest it fall victim to his thirst. *
Vula: Vula steals the flask quickly from Ren and begins to chugging it quickly and hides behind Kenzi Mmmmmm sooo good"
Ren: “Don’t mind the hair…”
Kenzi: “There IS more booze on board,” Ken reminds… people.
De’kar: starts cooking a rice based dish that involves a LOT OF SAKI (or the closest thing he can find to it.)
Vula: “But it’s more fun to steal booze from Ren” Vula smiles at Ken
Kenzi: Kenzi’s steps slow down. He stops in the ring corridor, short of the galley.

You have all done an excellent job of restocking the ship. It’s fairly easy to make something both delicious and full o booze

Kenzi: He places one hand on the section of hull beside him. “Something’s not right here,” he mumbles. “Something…” He turns to face it, for a closer look. Vula: Vula walks up quickly behind Ken “Whats up” Kenzi: “Just… not right.”

De’kar: yells from the galley “Foods Ready!” and heads back towards the rest.
Ren: * Ren glances over at Kenzi with a frown, one eyebrow quirking. *

Food smells delicious, as it were.

ABE: >>May I be of assistance, Master Vigil?<< Kenzi: “I dunno, nothing I can focus on… but there’s something different about it. Maybe from the other side.” Kenzi: A weird look crosses the Corellian’s face. “Maaaybe.” ABE: >> Shall I examine the outer hull, Mastr Vigil?<<

Kenzi: “How dangerous is it to do that while we’re in hyperspace?” He realizes he should have led with that question.
De’kar: “uh oh – I’ve seeen that look somewhere before…”
De’kar: concentrates “nope – no idea – so what’s all this?”
ABE: >>It is suggested that we drop to sub0light speeds to verify.<<)
Kenzi: “Agreed. Make ready to drop out of hyperspace.”
De’kar: “can we eat first?” * shrugs* “we’d be better off if there is something not to be too close to where we just were so those big Republic ships don’t track us”
Kenzi: “Empire, De. It’s an Empire. now.”
De’kar: “whatever”…
Kenzi: “There’s an Alliance to Restore the Republic, or so they tell me.”
ABE: >.Correction, Sir Sep. The Republic is no longer present. The Empire has taken over from them.<<
De’kar: “O.K. got it not REPUBLIC – but the cruiser still Looked like a republic cruiser” looks annoyed

You have a lovely dinner. The drunken rice dish that De made is delicious, and exactly what everyone needed
after a little more drinking, Abe and Ren delicately pull the ship out of hyperspace.
Ren: “Why are we doing this again? ’Cos Jefe got indigestion or something?”
De’kar: “right – I think so – or he just likes to be shot at in realspace” winks
Ren: * Ren rolls his eyes, facial fur flat. *
Kenzi: “Um, last time I had a feeling like this, it led us to find you, De.”
De’kar: “and that’s worked out well so far – right” grins
ABE: >> ‘Intuition" is a factor of subtle clues spotted by the unconscious mind.<<
Vula: "Oooooh so my frozen massage therapist is on the outside of the ship?’
Ren: “Well, since we’re doing this, if there’s a tracking beacon on the ship, I think I know a way to find it from inside once we’re out of hyperspace. Even if Abe can’t find it on the outside.”
Kenzi: “Oh, yeah? Excellent.”
“We’ll have to take resistance readings – looking for voltage drops.”
ABE: >> Chances of finding massage theapist in stasis on outside of hull, is as close to zero as to make it zero<<
Ren: “It’ll take time, but that should let us pinpoint any beacons that may exist.”
Vula: “Well I’m sorry but I’m not letting you massage me little buddy”
De’kar: “couldn’t we just turn off all the radio on our ship and listen for it?”
ABE: >>Compliance, Mr. Kolath. Moving to engineering<< * trundles off *
>>Massage is contra-indicated for you, Mistress Hitori. Your movements do not appear in any way stiff.<<
Vula: “You may say so little buddy but I still want one damn it”
Vula: “Hey Ren, we’d probably have to sweep all frequencies to find it… cuz who knows what frequency they put it on…. and if it’s something they farted up themselves.. it could be annyyything”
De’kar: "wellll – I’m no help here… " wanders off to bunks
ABE: >>It may be possible to set up some monitoring programs to preform your search, Mr. Kolath.<<
>.It would be even more effective if the frequency of a monitoring device were to be discovered.<<
Ren: “Readings would go faster if everyone helped, Sep.”
Kenzi: Kenzi busies himself with washing dishes
De’kar: “ok – but you’ll have to tell me how to do it” looks annoyed “I’m not good with these sort of doodads…”
Ren: “Ye gods!” Ren complains to the heavens. “She’s infected him.”
Vula: “He’s learned how to speak Vula!”
“Now if only he could seduce the pants off people we need to trick”
ABE: >.Negative. No signs of Twi’lek/Human infection noted.<<
De’kar: “I am certain that you are more than capable of seducing the pants off of anything that you chose too. I will just stick to what I am good at.”
Ren: “Shut up, Abe,” Ren says cheerfully.
ABE: >>Compliance<<
Vula: Vula grins
ABE: * Legs and arms retract. hemispheres close *

You all fan out through the hallway, taking readings every meter or so. After ten or so minutes, you notice a gradual drop in hull resistance just at the conjunction of the hallway and the ring section. Where the drop is most pronounced would be in a crevasse on the outside of the ship.

10:33 PM ABE: (>Please state the nature of your medical emergency.<)

De’kar: “soooo… Abe – can you get to that spot on the outside of the ship? without killing all of us?” looks over his mustache with a glare, then smiles
De’kar: “I’ll go monitor the Comm and make sure we don’t have visitors while Abe’s pulling off the tick.” heads to the cockpit

The scanners are quiet. And Abe is sitting, silently.

Ren: “Abe, un-shut up.” Kenzi: “All right, Abe. Head outside and, if you find anything that doesn’t belong, bring it back in here.” ABE: >.Affirmative<< opens up legs and arms

heads for airlock
De’kar: “abe – also – Don’t kill us!” *
Vula: “Little Buddy is awesome, he’s got this!”

Abe heads to the airlock, and disappears into the chamber.

ABE: >.negative. My programming forbids the harming of sentient beings.<<

You can hear the rather disconcerting sound of the outer airlock opening, and the clanging of Abe’s metal feet on the outside of the ship.
Kenzi: Kenzi starts pacing.
De’kar: nervously wishes he was in his vacuum sealed armour and considers going to get it

Abe’s walking slows, then becomes intermittent.

De’kar: over the comm “found anything abe?” ABE: >.transmitter found. Removing from hull<<

De’kar: relays this to the crew
Kenzi: “Well I’ll be damned.”
ABE: >>Transmitter is forcibly inserted into a hull-gap. Unnoticeable from the ground.<<
De’kar: “I assume that means we’ll have company very soon… so lets get him back inside so we can jump before they get here”
Kenzi: “Agreed.”
Vula: Vula nods
De’kar: to abe “remove it and get back inside as soon as safe”
ABE: >>Requesting instructions on transmitter disposal?<<
De’kar: “ummm – throw it at a nearby star?”
ABE: >>Affirmative<<
Kenzi: “I was gonna say bring it inside, see if we can disable it. But if we can’t, leaving it here is sure to work.”
“Okay. Get rid of it and come back inside, Abe. We’ll be underway as soon as we can.”
De’kar: relays to abe
ABE: >.Affirmative<,
>>Estimated time until reaching nearest star: 1.5 million years, 3 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes 43.25 seconds<<

Abe’s footsetps can be heard clanking across the hull again, then the airlock is closed

Ren: * Ren punches the coordinates in to get the ship back into hyperspace. *
Kenzi: Just before the ship lurches into hyperspace, Kenzi asks Ren, “They couldn’t have put more than one, could they?”
Ren: “Yes. But we’re probably not worth the second.”
De’kar: “do you still feel funny?” asks De.
Kenzi: “Better now, even after touring the ship. Thanks. Best speed to Kuat.”
De’kar: “you’re strange.”

It takes about a day to make the rest of the trip.

Kenzi: “Maybe the ship’s talking to me.”

me: As the alarm goes off signaling the end of the journey, everyone straps in. De’kar: “if it is – you are still strange.” sparkle eyes De’kar: “oh – yeah – guys – I um – don’t have any identification – should I be hiding when they inspect the cargo?” looks sheepish

Kenzi: “I’m not sure. I doubt they’ll ask too many questions.”

De’kar: “why not? they did when I was here last…”
Kenzi: “…Maybe just stay in a bunk till we’re cleared.”
me: The ship beeps, and the sublight engines begin to spin up
De’kar: “I’ll hide if they board us.” looks bothered

The Venture rattles out of hyperspace, less than 15 klicks from the Rendevous point.
This is what you see:

Vula: “I’ll keep ’em distracted” Vula winks
Kenzi: “Oh, I’m sure they’ll board. That’s why we have the grain.”
ABE: >>Communicable diseased may be mimicked to lend veracity to isolation.<<
Kenzi: “That’s good thinking, Abe.”
De’kar: “ok – do you have to make me actually sick, or can I just fake it…”
ABE: >>Real displayed symptoms are more convincing in matters of subterfuge.<<
De’kar: “ugh… I hate throwing up.” moves towards bunks “come on abe – make it convincing for them” grimaces
ABE: >>Also shutting down my systems to avoid questioning is recommended. Dissimulation programming is not present.<<

Ahead of you, through the cockpit window, you can see countless ships, tugs, and freighters making their way on spacelanes to and from a central space station.

Kenzi: “Okay, Vula. See where they want us to go.”
me: You can also count four star destroyers in the general vicinity
Kenzi: “We’re still Gambler’s Luck?”
Vula: "Lets go with Errant Venture… for the sake of safety
De’kar: “oh and one last thing Kenzi – don’t shoot anything.” heads to bunk


Elenore Elenore

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