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Of Dearic and Spice

The sweet smell of droid lubricant ...


Scoundrel’s Luck: The Online Group

The three of you met shortly after the funeral of Kenzi’s uncle Talan, two days ago in Dearic on Talus, one of the twin planets. So far, things have gone smoothly. The title was transferred with only a little bit of palm-greasing. The ship was in worse shape than you would have liked, but she’s together. You’re currently sharing a corner booth at the only tapcafe that doesn’t have sticky seats in the capital city. So you’re here, with a ship, and some credits to your name, and high hopes.

“Any jobs lined up, ‘Boss’?” Ren directed the question at Kenzi.

Kenzi hears the quotes around ‘Boss,’ but lets it slide, as is customary. “As it happens, I do have a lead, yes. A friend of a friend name of Pia has some cargo ready to run to the Kuat system. She’s in an office across town.”

“Good. That bucket o’ bolts your uncle calls a ship is functional in the most technical of senses, but to get it running better, we’re gonna need whatever cash we can bring in.” Ren says. Vula simply nods.

“You ain’t never lied.” Kenzi replies.

“Look at you with your street-slang.” The Bothan’s tone is condescending, but respectfully so.

“So, let’s see how we should go about getting there.” Kenzi says.

Dearic is a…gray city. Most of Talus has a slightly purplish sheen to it, likely from the purple flowers which grow everywhere and the perpetually dusky sky. Dearic’s gray-stone buildings seem to amplify the feeling of twilight. The tapcafe you’re finishing up your drinks in is situated near to the starport, and the office building is a short walk away.

“Walking. How retro.” Ren mumbles.

“Ready when you are,” Kenzi says, trying not to sound excited and nervous. He might fool someone who doesn’t know him as well as you do.

The streets are relatively quiet. It’s mid-morning, so many of the citizens are just beginning their workdays.

Ren smacks him across the back companionably. “Don’t sweat it, kid. It’s just a cash and carry gig, right?” Vula falls in behind the other two – keeping an eye out Ren continues to run his mouth while the group walks. The others ignore most of it gamely.

“I’m not worried,” Kenzi says. “First time for everything.”


Vula sighs heavily at Ren’s constant babbling

As anticipated, it’s a short walk. The address in Ken’s datapad leads you to a large, slightly run-down building. “Matches the ship,” Ren observes. A single protocol droid stands sentinel-like just inside the front door

Vula points at the droid and then nods at Ken. “Hi,” Kenzi tells the droid. “We’re here to pick up a package from Pia?” Ren eyes the droid appraisingly.

“Greetings,” the droid responds, cheerily. “I am pleased to welcome you to the Dearic Towers. I will inform Mistress Pia that you have arrived. Please wait here.” He gestures, rather clumsily towards several well-worn couches near a bank of elevators. Kenzi heads over to a couch, but sits on one of the arms, rather than the cushion. The Bothan pops a squat nearby, crossing one ankle over the opposite knee and lounging insolently. Vula stands closet to the exit as she can

The droid shuffles off towards a console across the elevator to contact Pia, you would assume. Several minutes pass in bored silence before the elevator door hisses open. “Mistress Pia will see you now. Fourteenth floor, on your left. Have a pleasant day.”

Ren stops fiddling with his beard braids, and rises with the others. “Much obliged.” Kenzi replies. They take the elevator. Vula follows the other two – always taking up the rear.

The elevator doors swish open to reveal ring of small, cramped offices. Ren looks around idly for name plates or the like.

“Least we aren’t stuck in one of these.” Kenzi says quietly.

“Yea, I’m not made for an office gig.” Ren replies.

“Agreed” Vula nods.

In the corner of the building, you finally locate Pia’s office – a tiny closet of a place. Ren smiles slyly at Vula. “My. Getting chatty now?” Vula glares at Ren. Ken glances back at his friends, then knocks at Pia’s door(way). Ren blithely ignores it, assuming his game face.

“Pia? Are you around?” Kenzi says to the closed door.

Ren glances around the antechamber, a frown threatening to replace his usual smirk. “Hm?” a female voice calls through the door. “Come in, please.” Vula keeps her hands near her blaster, but the Bothan relaxes a bit, and follows Kenzi inside.

Kenzi enters, putting on a smile. “Hi. Kenzi Vigil. I’m a friend of Jono’s. This is Ren, and Vula.” Vula again stays as near the exit as possible without seeming unfriendly. Ren nods, once, surveying the contents of the small office. “Jono said you might have some work for us.”

A slightly plump, middle-aged woman looks up from a stack of datapads strewn about her desk. “Oh, oh of course! Please, have a seat,” she says quickly. “Just push those onto the floor, it won’t hurt them,”

“I’ll stand, thank you”, Vula says, keeping close to the door.

She gestures broadly at a line of chairs in front of her desk, currently cluttered with datapads and empty containers. Kenzi makes himself a spot on a chair, setting the debris on the floor. The office is cluttered, but she has at least attempted to make it cheery. Several vases of fresh flowers dot the shelves, but they do little to detract from the piles of goods all over. Ren grabs a seat, restraining himself by following Kenzi’s careful example regarding the chair’s former contents. “It’s nice to meet you all. Jono said you would be by today. You are available for a short run, yes?”

“I believe so,” Ken says, as if there’s doubt. Ren nods idly, continuing to glance around the office.

“Good, good!” she says happily, extracting a single datapad from a precarious stack on the corner of the desk. Ren reflexively stabilizes the stack with one hand. “Here you go,”

Kenzi takes the pad, looks down at it, then back at her. “Just this?” She hands Ken the datapad, pausing to thank Ren for stopping the slide off the desk.

“Well, of course. That’s the manifest for the goods. They’re in a warehouse outside of Coronet.”
The fur on Ren’s face ripples in response.

“Oh right. Right.” Kenzi replied. “And who’ll be taking delivery?”

Ren cuts his eyes at Kenzi, and just barely doesn’t roll them when he looks away.

“There is an Imperial requisitions officer that will meet you at the Imperial Transfer post just inside the Kuat System.” The waves of facial fur betray Ren’s distaste – at least to his companions.She points offhandedly at the datapad. “It should all be in there – name is Ziven Rhade.”

Vula places her hand on Ren’s shoulder and squeezes lightly. The Bothan rolls his shoulders, but not to shake her off.

“Short, but hopefully easy. I can pay you ten thousand for the run.”

Kenzi’s poker face is just terrible. “Hopefully easy? Is there the possibility of… complications?”

Ren looks over at Ken as the bargaining begins.

“Well, no more than normal. But you all have your permits, correct? I’ve found the Imperial command fairly easy to deal with.”

“Of course,” Ren offers immediately.

“Naturally.” Kenzi adds a second behind.

Vula pipes in “Is this Ten Thousand up front or upon delivery?”

“Or would we have to come back here…?” Kenzi says, half-joking.

“Three thousand up front, the additional seven will be deposited as soon as the manifest is turned over.”

“And if we encounter any ‘complications’ will there be … compensation?” Vula asks.

“I wouldn’t want you to have to detour out of your way just to pick up the remainder of your credits. Oh, of course. I can reimburse up to 80%, and the additional 20% you can file with my bosses.”

Vula nods her approval.

“That sounds agreeable,” Kenzi says, glancing at his partners. Ren nods to Ken.

“Pia, we have an accord.”

“Ah, wonderful.” She extends her hand to yours. “Glad I could help out a friend of Jono’s.” Kenzi shakes her hand once, nods, and gets up to leave. Vula walks briskly to the door, awaiting the other two so she can once again take up their rear. Ren follows the others out, nodding once to Pia.

Kenzi looks at the datapad. “Oookay. Warehouse. I believe I know where this is.”
Joshua: “So, we take the ship over there, or..?”
Whitney: A muffled beep comes from Ken’s datapad, signaling that a deposit has been made.

Ren stretches. “Might as well get to it.”

The ship is, luckily, right where you left her. “I am calling that a win,” Ren says, “But then, who would take it?”

“I wasn’t comfortable asking for more money…” Ren says.

“Understandable, since we’re not even sure the ship’ll make it that far.” Ren shakes his head disdainfully.

She’s seen better days, but your work has at least made her presentable.

Vula says plainly “It seems reasonable for an ‘easy’ run. Guess we’ll see just how easy it is”

“If I weren’t the brilliant pilot that I am, I wouldn’t even risk it. But I am. So, we’re good. Probably.”

The interior of the ship still smells remotely of droid lubricant, but you have managed to clear off the seats in the cockpit. “Only place I expect trouble from is the Imperial part,” Ren grumbles.

“The ship may have her problems, but I have every confidence in the two of you.” Kenzi says.

“Just keep your mouth shut when we reach the Imperials Ren, and we shouldn’t have a problem”

“I know, I know.” He nods to Ken.

“Take us back to Coronet, Ren.”

“I swear I’d tape your mouth shut sometimes if I could… just the humor of watching the tape pull all the hair out would be worht it” Vula says and then giggles to herself

Ren scowls. “I know when to shut up.”

The engines lurch to life after a few moments of grinding and labor. “So long as Vula can keep her together, I’ll bring her into port.” He pauses for a moment. “It’s bad luck, not having a name for her yet…”

“Sure you do sweetie… sure you do” She pats him on the shoulder and then focuses on the launch

“Well have to make our own luck for the time being.” Kenzi says cheerily. Ren’s facial fur lets the others know what he thinks of that notion.

After the rattling dies down, the ship eases off the pad and accelerates smoothly away. Ren and Vula manage all the comm frequencies easily, and you rattle off. It’s a short hop to Corellia, but a longer wait to land. Coronet, the jewel of Corellia, is a very busy starport.

“I just realized… I’ve never been out of the Corellia system before…” Kenzi says pensively.

Ren quirks a furry eyebrow at that. “Well, then it’s past time for you to get out and see the galaxy.”
me: He smiles at Ren. “Far past time.”

Whitney: Your approach light blinks to green, and Ren and Vula set the freighter down as gently as possible. Joshua: “S’far, s’good.” Whitney: The landing pads groan a bit as the ship settles into the spaceport. Mandy: “We may want to do a brief check of our systems and gears before we take off again… I want to be sure she’ll hold up”

8:56 PM me: “Good thinking, Vula. We might have to leave in a hurry, after all.”
Mandy: She pats the side of the wall and something falls loose
Joshua: “Yea, I can start that if you want to go with Ken to pick up the merch.”
“Also, don’t touch anything.”
8:57 PM me: “Parts of this ship shouldn’t be breathed on, or even looked at too hard.”
Mandy: “Agreed, and yeah it’s probably a good idea if I go with you and Ren stays here.”
Whitney: In agreement, you hear the tinkle of a few discarded droid parts roll into an open bit of ductwork
me: “Sounds like a plan. Let’s go, Vula; we shouldn’t be gone for long.”
8:58 PM Joshua: Ren curses and starts checking the vital systems first.
Whitney: (Josh, can you make me a mechanics roll at your leisure?)
me: “We might have enough droid parts to build a whole one. HE could clean this place up…”
Joshua: (18)
Mandy: Follows Ken
8:59 PM Whitney: (thankies)
Joshua: (Yes’m.)
Whitney: (will be one sec then back to you ;) )
Joshua: (KK.)
9:00 PM Whitney: Your starport is luckily not far from the industrial district. The warehouse is easy to find, despite it being in a slightly rundown sector of the city.
Two sentry droids guard the entrance, and a bored-looking human male is leaning against the warehouse door.
9:01 PM me: Kenzi tucks the manifest under his arm and heads toward the bored-looking man.
Mandy: Vula looks at Ken “You wanna take point on this buddy, since you got us the deal?”
(lol nvm… guess he is)
9:02 PM Whitney: The man barely moves as you approach. “Yeah?” he asks, pausing to look Vula up and down.

me: Smiles “Picking up.” He offers the manifest to the man. He grunts in reply, but takes and reads over the manifest. Mandy: Vula notices the looks and suddenly strikes a seductive pose, biting her lip

9:05 PM Whitney: He looks….surprised and taken aback, but straightenes up and tries to look more authoritative.
me: Kenzi tries not to let Vula distract him, too.
Whitney: “Yes of course, picking up.” He waves to someone out of sight and the door slides open.
9:06 PM “It’s nice to see such professional couriers,” he says, mostly to Vula.
9:07 PM Mandy: “Why thank you” Vula then bats her eyes "We"ll be out of your hair in no time"
9:08 PM Whitney: “Oh, oh, take your time,” he stammers, barely hopping out of the way as a surly man steers a repulsorlift full of cargo boxes from inside the warehouse.
9:09 PM “Where’s yer ship?” he yells to Ken (over the sound of the repulsor)
Joshua: (Nearby, Ren rolls his eyes and has no idea why.)
Mandy: (hey she is just using her goods to try to get this done quickly and with no questions asked :) )
me: “Not too far,” he replies, hooking a thumb over his shoulder. “Bay 12.”
9:10 PM Whitney: Meanwhile, Ren has taken this opportunity to do a walk around of the engines, astrogation equipment and the life support. The engines sound bad, but they work fine. Navcomputer needs a good defrag later, but is otherwise in good repair.
Good thing you checked the life support system – the oxygen scrubbers needed a bit of a tune up
9:11 PM Joshua: “Maybe if we didn’t eat for a week or two, we could…”
Whitney: The trip back to the ship is much faster riding on the lift. When you arrive, you find Ren working on the life support system, and the cargo bay mostly clear.
9:12 PM The workman doesn’t say a word about the ship, but he does give it a long look.

Joshua: “Yea,” Ren comments to the worker.

9:13 PM me: We roll out the loading ramp.
Whitney: It manages to only start sticking after you load the cargo, safely away from the other’s eyes.
9:15 PM Joshua: Ren bangs it with a heavy wrench.
Whitney: That seems to get it moving again
some more tinkering with the control rig and the cargo ramp is finally closed.
Joshua: “Ancient Bothan Secret,” he mutters to no one in particular.
9:16 PM Whitney: The cargo seems to be a skiff full of identical tan plasteel containers, neatly stacked. The manifest lists them as ‘ration packs’
me: “All right,” Kenzi says as he strolls on board.
Joshua: “Who’s getting this food, anyway?”
Whitney: (Everyone make me a Knowledge check)
9:17 PM me: “That’s up to the Imperials, I guess? Nobody open those.”
Joshua: (Knowledge what? : D)
Whitney: (bureaucracy or galactic lore)
Joshua: (16 untrained.)
me: (21, but untrained, if it matters)
Mandy: (19 untrained)
Whitney: (dpesm
9:18 PM ‘(er doesn’t)
You all are aware that the Kuat system is home to the Kuat Drive yards
Joshua: Ren shrugs and performs a final inspection before returning to the cockpit.
Whitney: an enormous complex where the majority of the Imperial fleet is produced
Joshua: (Okay. What does that mean to us? : D)
9:19 PM Whitney: (it’s heavily patrolled, and entry is restricted to the planet itself)
9:20 PM (Typically, you will jump into one of three ‘checkpoints’ then will be inspected and given clearance to head on. Your checkpoint is an Imperial Space Station just inside the system)

9:21 PM me: “Okay. Ren, did you get Kuat programmed into the navicomputer?”
Joshua: “Okay, kids. We fly Imperial, we do things by the book. Don’t give ’em any excuse to take undue interest in us.”
9:22 PM “Actually, better let Vula do that. Me and the nav-system don’t get along so well.”
(No Use Computer here. : D)
Mandy: “Agreed”
me: (Too right.)
Mandy: (I <3>s 11:30pm my time – do you want to stop here? and pick up next week sometime?)


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