Scoundrel's Luck

Reroute all power to the Pewing devices

That's their technical name.

Vula: “Hey new guy you blind” – flashes her chest for a second “Can you see these?”
Kenzi: Kenzi is nearly struck blind.
Ren: Ren’s face fur ripples in distaste at the sudden sight of Vula’s disgustingly hairless chest.
“What is the matter with you?”
Kenzi: “Um… yeah. Put those away, please.” He looks disgusted with himself.
Vula: Vula snorts with laughter “So sensitive!”
De’Ker: “from the sound of it, I just missed some skin. but I confess I am more worried about my own skin than anything else right now. who are you people?”
Ren: “Pirates,” Ren deadpans.
Kenzi: “That’s Ren,” he says, a bit apologetically. “I’m Kenzi, and she’s Vula. What’s your name?”
De’Ker: “I’m De’kar.”
Kenzi: “Pleasure to meet you, De’kar. You aren’t in any danger here. Though I wonder how you got here in the first place.”
“Nice to meet ya” Vula waves… then remebers he can not see so she pats him on the head
De’Ker: “I might shed some light on that, if I can get some better bearings on what I’ve missed.”
“so – what’s happened in the last 17 years, who won the war?”
Kenzi: “Well… the Republic did. Sort of.”

“That is to say, after the Republic won, it, um… reorganized.” We have an Empire, now." He rubs the back of his neck.

: “I hope you are actually pirates then… as I am likely a liability.” he sighs “But I should let you know what you’ve woken nonetheless.”
“I was frozen in that so as to smuggle me onto a planet in preperation for CIS battledroid invasion. clearly something went wrong, and I never made it to my target. there should be a crate near where I was that had a mark on it… when I can see I’ll find it – it would have the rest of what would have been my orders… though it sounds that those won’t be very useful now.”
Kenzi: “We’re not pirates. Well, not yet, anyway.” sucks in a breath. “Not very useful, no.”
De’Ker: “I doubt that I exist in any official capacity anymore… though I am Alderaanian.”
Ren: “Oh, we’re pirates,” Ren says derisively. “We’re in the process of trying to hide our illicit cargo from the government.”
Ren: “That’s at least smuggler territory.”
Kenzi: Kenzi glances at Ren. “Well, we didn’t know it was illicit at first…”
Ren: The bothan gives him a look.
Kenzi: “Well, I didn’t know. For sure.” He studies his boots for a moment.
De’Ker: “I am at your mercy. if you choose I will turn myself in when we reach port.”
“I don’t want to put you in a position where you might lose everything to those greedy beuracrats.”

Kenzi: “Things were pretty crazy for while there. There may not even be any record of… whatever you did in the Wars any more.”

Ren: “If you’re not a Jedi, then they probably don’t care.”
Kenzi: “Good point. Um, you aren’t, are you?”
De’Ker: “why would being a jedi matter? I am not, but the Jedi were Republic Generals?”
Ren: “Isn’t it obvious, Jefe? No laser sword.”
Kenzi: “The Jedi turned on the Republic, tried to kill Palpatine.”
Ren: “Heh. You got the tense right there, Dek.”
Kenzi: “They’ve all been wiped out by now.”
De’Ker: “so they finally saw through his power grab. – how did they not succeed?”
Ren: * Exchanges a look with Kenzi, then addresses De’kar. * “I don’t follow.”
De’Ker: “How did the Jedi NOT kill him, that bastard corrupt senator, the one who grabbbed the power form the rightful hands of the senate? The jedi should have killed him easily when they saw what he was doing…”
Ren: “Er… Man, you were right about being a liability.”
Kenzi: Kenzi raises his hands. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is the Emperor you’re talking about…”
De’Ker: Stunned look
Vula: Vula’s eyes have gotten huge at this point
De’Ker: “then I am truly lost.”
De’Ker: “If I can be of service to you all, I am a beast rider by training. and a decent pilot. I can be good in a fight, and I have no home, I have lost my war, I need to find a new way in life. If I am too much of a burden, then I will depart at the first landing.”* starts to look week and hurt and tired *
Ren: “That’s quite a speech for a freshly unfrozen guy.”
Kenzi’s eyes flick to his crewmates.
Ren: “Look, just… tone it down and you’ll… I don’t know. Find a path? First we have to get through this job.”
De’Ker: sits down and starts to cry

  • Ren looks really uncomfortable. * “Plus, hey, we’re heading to Alderaan. Maybe you can find some family or something.”
    Vula’s face softens and she sits beside De’kar and puts her arm around his shoulders. She whispers to Ken and Ren “We can’t just throw him to the wolves you guys”
    De’Ker: sniffles “all of them… they’ll all be gone…”
    Ren: “Humans,” Ren says in a gruff undertone, wandering away from the emotional outpouring, and looking for a machine to prod.
    De’Ker: “is there a bed or something I can go too… I don’t want to be a burden..”
    Vula: Vula softens her voice “Sure, I’ll take you to some place you can rest your head”

De’Ker: (follows Vula wherever she leads.)
Ren: “Hey!” Ren calls out, sounding alarmed. “The ship sounds like she’s dropping out of hyperspace.”
Kenzi: (There’s only one"bunk" room, but we can put people up wherever. Sorry was afk)
me: The ship shakes a little bit, and lists suddenly to the side
Vula: Vula keeps her arm around De’kar and walks him to the closest cabin, “Shit” she says under her breath. “You stay here and get rested, just yell if you need me. I’m going to help the guys”
Kenzi: “Whoa!”
Kenzi staggers toward the cockpit
De’Ker: ship shake
me: You hear the hyperdrive begin to power down and the sublight engines try to power up

The ship shakes like it’s been struck, and everyone shipshakes appropriately
Kenzi: “What was that? Is that normal? Someone tell me that’s normal!”

Ren: “I didn’t touch anything! And no, it’s not normal! We’re two days from our destination.” He races toward the cockpit.
me: Kenzi, Vula, and Ren get to the cockpit just in time to see the stars race back to tiny points from the tunnel of hyperspace
Kenzi: “Never rains.” As Ren passes him, Ken follows.

me: The hyperdrive is trying to restart itself, at least it sounds like it is
Ren: “Why?” Ren asks the dashboard rhetorically.
Kenzi: “Did we come too close to something?”
me: In front of you is the blackness of space, and a silvery triangle some 50 clicks away
Ren: “Give me sensors,” he says to anyone willing to take the order.
Dekar Staggers down the passage towards the yelling
Kenzi: “oh.”

Ren: (Ren is trying to coax the hyperdrive back to life, starting the recalculation.)

De’Ker: “that is bad I take it…”
Ren: “You have a knack for the obvious, luv,” Ren comments drily, putting a pinky in his ear as though to clear out the ringing.
Vula growls at Ren
Ren: To De’kar, “Well, I mean. It’s a little bad.”
Vula: “I’m going to the engine room going to try to push the hyperdrive”
Ren: “Won’t work, but good luck anyway!” Ren calls out after her.
Kenzi: “Okay. Let’s hide the spice. We’ll tell them we got hit by pirates or… something.”
Vula: “I love making you wrong Ren”

The engne room is a mess, but yo’re able to vault over some crates to get to the panel you need
in the way is a rounded object that seems to have rolled from under a bulkhead
“What the hell is this thing?” Vula says to herself
The rounded thing is clearly in your way, but it seems to be…looking at you.

Vula: “Grrrrrr, now is not the time to be blocking my way” Vula attempts to push it out of her way

You push it, and in the process of rolling it to the side, the center section lights up.

Vula: Vula’s eyes get big “I think I may have just activated something…. that could be good or bad”

The ball starts to chirp, and as you start frantically pulling panels apart, it begins to ‘wake up’
ABE: >Please state the nature of your medical emergency<
Vula: “The only emergency here is I need to get the damn hyperdrive up mr. round robot doc”
ABE: Four legs slide out, and the things stands up. The eye swivels around to look at you

In front of you, just far enough that you can begin to see it, is a single Star Destroyer. It has several rounded pods on each side of it, and is surrounded by TIE’s
Ren: “I’m counting on it!” Turning to Kenzi. “Let’s do it.” He heads back sternways
De’Ker: “I can help – what kind of ship is this…”
Kenzi: “The old, sad kind.”
De’Ker: “like me – what kind?”
Kenzi: “Ours is a YT-1250.”

me: The comm lines crackle.

Kenzi: “Hoo boy. Let me take that.”
Ren: Ren says, “I’ll get Bone and…the other one to start moving stuff.” He exits.

“Unidentified vessel, this is the Imperial Star Destroyer Dauntless. please transmit transponder code. What is your cargo and destination?”
De’Ker: I slide into co-pilot and start gauging our ship…“is there anything else out here – other than that thing and us and the fighters…? I can evade if we’re in empty space”
Kenzi takes a seat by the comm. “Dauntless, this is the Errant Venture out of Corellia. We were bound for the Kuat system, but we lost our foodstuff cargo to pirates, and changed course to Alderaan in hopes of replacing it. Um, over.”

“Errant Venture, please stand by to transmit transponder codes.”

Kenzi: “Acknowledged.” *He shrugs at De’kar. De’Ker: “tell them our transponder was damaged? or is this a legal ship…” Kenzi: “Fortunately, yes, we’re legal. So far.” De’Ker: “oh – ok… I’ll just fly casual then.”

Kenzi: His hands flutter over the console as he reminds himself how to do what he’s got to do
Ren: (In the back.) “Move that thing! No, that other thing! Daahh!”
Kenzi: “Transmitting codes now.”
De’Ker: (flying casual)

Ren: “Vula? Have you finally gone ’round the bend?” Ren asks, as he approaches.
ABE: >Please state the nature of your medical….zzzzt<
Vula: “It’s a flipping medical droid… I accidentally….. activated it”
ABE: >Please state the nature of your mechanical emergency<
Vula: “Pay it some attention while I fix the hyperdrive”
Ren: “Um. Great? Looks a bit like a grill. Er… Why?”
ABE: >Hyperdirve emergency verified<
Vula: “Umm.. apparently it listened to me”
Ren: “I thought you said medical droid.”
ABE: The “grill” opens a bit and then moves towards the Hyperdrive console
Vula: “Well…. I was wrong”
Ren: “I’ll gloat later. Go, droid, go!”
ABE: Plugs into the hyperdrive
Vula: “Well at least I found a way to fix the hyper drive.. I still proved you wrong somehow”
The hyperdrive powers back on, turning a very bright shade of yellow in the process

ABE: >more power required to complete jump do hyper space<
>do you wish to re-route power?<
Ren: “Yes!”
Vula: “On it little droid dude”

Vula rips a panel apart and physically moves a wire, and the hyperdrive hums to life.

me: the comm is silent for a moment as Kenzi sends the transponder codes

Kenzi: He crosses his fingers. He closes his eyes while his lips move.

De’kar, even blind, is able to keep the ship flying straight and level
“Errant Venture, please stand by”
Kenzi, you can see two squadrons of TIE’s break off and turn to approach.
Kenzi: “Vula, how’s it coming back there? I have a bad feeling about this.”

De’Ker: “um – Kenzi – I can’t see what’s happening, would you mind – telling me what you see…”
Ren: “It’s, um… We’re on it, Boss.”
Kenzi: “Imperial fighters, heading our way.”

“Errant Venture, in accordance with Imperial Directive 122.3288 please power down your sublight engines in preparation for boarding.”
De’Ker: “comply or run?”
Kenzi: He stares into space. “One of those, yeah.”
De’Ker: “orders captain…”
Kenzi: “We got TIEs inbound!” he calls back to engineering.
Ren: “Well don’t I feel underdressed, then! Yelling doesn’t make it go faster, you know!”
Kenzi: “Well what do you suggest I do?! Roll out a red carpet?”
De’Ker: “how Long do you need?” Dekar uses the comm.
Ren: “Hyperdrive might be back online…soon? Like imminent soon.”
De’Ker: “Kenzi are you buckled in? this may be a little bumpy…” and then over the comm… “hold on back there”
Ren: “Wait, what?!”

“Errant Venture, please power down your sublight engines and prepare to be boarded. Violation of such commands is considered a violation of Imperial statutes. Please power down’
De’Ker: pulls the ship into a steep loop with a roll to turn to go the other way
and punches it
Kenzi: Even strapped in, Kenzi nearly leaves his seat

The hyperdrive light in the center console blinks to yellow
De’Ker: “kenzi – tell me where they are so I can dodge them”

Ren: Ren lurches to the side as Blind Guy starts driving.
Vula: “AND THATS HOW ITS DONE! I think I found a new best friend in this little droid”

The ship rolls to the side and dives

ABE: This “little droid” is a meter acroos and would be 3 meteres tall on extended legs. Retracts legs and rolls
The hyperdrive lights blink yellow to green

Vula: Vula paying too much attention the little droid and not the ship falls over and lands on her bottom
Ren: * Ren starts struggling back toward the cockpit. *

The hyperdrive light in the center console blinks to yellow
De’Ker: “kenzi – tell me where they are so I can dodge them”
Ren: “Should have hyperdrive back. You know. FYI. Who’s driving up there?”
Kenzi: “On our left. Um, port. Mark 210.”

Six TIE fighters are incoming, three on each side. The ship barrels to the side, and the TIEs streak to the side
Kenzi: “Starboard too. Six of them!”
He charges up the guns
The countdown timer on the hyperdrive starts
>30 seconds<

Kenzi: “Damn it. I couldn’t think of a reason for them not to board…”
“Now I’ve gotta get a bootleg transponder…”
De’Ker: “reacotr leak… errfph” diving the ship…
The Venture picks up speed, and rolls hard to the port side. The TIE’s angle behind you, narrowly missing each other. Suddenly the turret blasts to life, and one of the TIE’s takes a direct hit
De’Ker: “where are they kenzi… you’re my eyes” De’kar yells…
Kenzi: “They’re all around us! Just fly, they’ll stay out of your path!”
me: One of the TIE’s explodes port-side
Kenzi: “I’m on the turret.”
me: 15 seconds
De’Ker: “and tell me when the HD is ready…” grunts as he moves " I’m not worried about them staying… errfh… out of my path…"

Turret is ready to fire again, and Ren stumbles into the cockpit
Kenzi: “Fifteen seconds. Is it gonna remember our course?”
Ren: “What the- Why is he flying?”
De’Ker: "who cares… " throttle down and pull starboard…
“as long as it’s not here…” throttle up and yaw up…
Kenzi: Kenzi fires at another TIE

ABE: stands back up, extends legs, extends arms and plugs back in, locking onto the console with hhis hands
ABE: >15 seconds to hyper space<
Vula: “You are awesome little buddy”

ABE: >15 seconds to hyper space< (ship’s speakers)
me: The TIE’s fire, and you hear the lasers skid across the shields
Ren: * Ren glares at Kenzi, as he does so, shaking his head angrily. *
Kenzi: “I was busy trying to think of a lie, Ren.”
me: Kenzi pulls the trigger, and a blast of turret fire arches across space
De’Ker: “oh hey – we have shields – BONUS!”

“Errant Venture, break off your attack and power down your sublight engines. Attacking an Imperial Star Destroyer in Deep Space is a violation of Code 299.344”
De’Ker: “tell them the pirates are still onboard…” yanks hard to the port and down

The TIE immediately in front of you bursts into flames, and the YT blows through the wreckage
Kenzi: “It’s the pirates!” He’s trying not to laugh in hysterics. “They’ve taken over the ship! Get your fighters clear, Dauntless!”

Kenzi’s blast was stronger than anticipated

De’Ker: “shit what was that!”

The interior lights dim a little as the weapons blaze to full power

Ren: “And that’s why you shouldn’t be flying!” ABE: >power rerouted to wepons systems< De’Ker: “do YOU want to fly… or at least tell me what is out there!”

Kenzi: “Wait, no. Not all the power. Damn this bucket of bolts.”
Ren: “No time now.”
De’Ker: “everyone just ran off … someone has to fly – and space is usually fairly empty!”

A TIE crossing path with the juking ship explodes into flames

ABE: >5 seconds to hyperspace< Ren: “I’ll read you the riot act later, new guy! In the meantime, hold on.” Kenzi: “Five seconds, De’kar.”

Pieces of the TIE ricochet off the shields

ABE: >Hyper drive engaging…NOW< De’Ker: one last Juke – then straight and level for that last 3 Vula: "yeeeeeehaaawwww"""

The stars blur, the TIE’s dodge, and the ship ‘s hyperdrive pushes you into voidspace. You’re safely away
Kenzi yelps as his eyeballs move closer to the back of his head

Ren: “So, anyway. Vula found a new droid back there.”
De’Ker: panting, leans back in his seat
Ren: “You could have just let the ship drift through space, you know…That would have alerted them less.”
De’Ker: “I didn’t dodge until captain here told me too. I was flying nice and easy…”
Ren: “I knew this was all your fault somehow. Chief.”

  • He swats Kenzi in the back of the head. *

ABE: We jump and I move away from the console and retract my limbs
Vula: “What is your designation little buddy? We need to name you”
ABE: >power required for further operations<
>Please state the nature of your medical emergency<
Vula: “Doctor Droid? Is that what I’m going to call you?”
ABE: >Unit designation: AB (dash)E17<
Vula: “Abe… I think I’ll call you Abe.. What do you think of that”
ABE: >power required for further operations<
Vula: "Ok Abe.. lets find some place to plug you in
Gurtch: >affirmative<
Vula: Vula looks around the very messy engine room for a nice little place to charge Abe. “Come on little dude, I think we can take you towards the cockpit and you can meet the other guys”

Vula: ’HEY GUYS COME MEET MY NEW LITTLE FRIEND!!!" Kenzi: “Ow! What? He said ‘comply or run?’ And I said ‘One of those.’ I didn’t say WHICH.”

Ren: “Let’s get one thing straight, Sep. I’m the pilot on this ship. And if I’m too drunk, we slum and let Vula drive.”
Kenzi: He unbuckles himself from the harness and heads aft, radiating nervous energy
De’Ker: “one of those… I thought you said ‘Run from those’”
Kenzi: “So, in the future, hibernation sickness causes deafness AND blindness. Noted.”
De’Ker: “I’m perfectly happy to sit in co-pilot or gunner… as you can see from my sitting in the co seat now.” Kenzi: Kenzi mutters to himself the whole way back to engineering, trying not to wave his hands around.
De’Ker: " I have no aspirations, but I didn’t know who did what around here… and I can do this job even blind."
Ren: * Ren emotes angrily with his facial fur, then realizes it’s wasted and sighs heavily.* “Come on. This droid might also be medically programmed. We should have it check you out.”
Vula: Vula walks towards the cockpit and the others with a large rolly droid behind her
Kenzi: He stops at the sight of the droid. “We are never gonna stop finding stuff on this ship.”
Vula: “Everyone meet Abe”
De’Ker: “Ren, I apologize, I am sure that you would have done much better, I will happily leave the flying to you.” glances around “where is this new droid…”
Kenzi: “Hello, Abe. What’s your primary function?”
Ren: * Grabs him by the shoulder and points him the right direction. *
Vula: “It sems he is a medical droid as he kept asking me the nature of my medical emergency.. but he did a damn good job helping get the hyperdrive running”
De’Ker: “Abe – I have hibernation sickness.”
Vula: “We might need to plug him in before he can do anything.. he kept going on and on about needing power”
Kenzi: “I shudder to ask, but where did you find him?”
Vula: Engine room.. was in my way"
De’Ker: “also – Vula, where are we going now/”
Vula: “Let plug him in so he can help De’kar faster”
“We are still headed to Alderaan, thanks to Abe”
De’Ker: *plops down in the co-pilot chair again, awaiting the droids charging)
Kenzi reroutes the power away from the weapons

Vula: “I need a pillow for my butt now.. oww” Vula rubs her ass “That was some fancy flying there new guy”
De’Ker: “I have been informed that Ren is the pilot of this ship, I apologize for the rough handling.”
Vula: “You got of us out of a sticky situation, we only LET Ren think he is the true pilot”
ABE: Droid powers up >Please state the nature for your medical emergency<
Vula: “And it looks like we may have a helper for your sickness”
De’Ker: “this model was farily new when I last flew.” To the droid " I have hibernation Sickness from being frozen in carbonite"
Ren: “Bah,” Ren grouses.
Kenzi: “And my nerves are shot,” Kenzi sighs, “but it can wait. Is there any booze to be found on this tub?”
Ren: Ren pulls out a flask. “No.” He tips it back, then passes it over.
ABE: >Please present your self for diagnostics<
Kenzi: “Curses. Why couldn’t Uncle Talan have been a rumrunner.”
ABE: >Query…<
Vula: “I saw some booze back in the mess that we call an engine room”
De’Ker: approaches the droid “Your uncle was a something runner..”
ABE: >Status of Master Talan Vigil<
Ren: * nods toward the cargo bay * “There were a few kegs back there.”
Kenzi: He takes a swig and makes a dire face before passing it back “Um, he’s dead, Abe.”
Vula: “We should have a ‘we aren’t dead celebration”
Ren: “Don’t worry, Kaiser. This is watered down. I wouldn’t waste the good stuff on a hairless ape like you. No offense.”
Kenzi: “Errant Venture belongs to me, now. Or, more properly, us.”
ABE: >Please take these< Pulls some stims out >drink plenty of fluids and confine yourself to bed<
Kenzi: “None taken.” His words are accompanied by a cheerfully rude gesture
De’Ker: complies with the droid in the taking of the stims…
ABE: >Query repeats: Status of Master Talan Vigil?<
Kenzi: “Your motion is carried, Vula. He’s deceased, Abe.”
De’Ker: “does Alcohol count as fluids?”
Kenzi: “Terminated. Finished. Um, overwith.”
ABE: >Query: Status of Ownership of “Gambler’s Luck”?<
>Please refrain from alcholic beverages. Rehydration of prime importance<
Kenzi: “Oh, was that the name of this trap? She’s ours now, and she’s the Errant Venture.”
Ren: “Ima call her Evie”
ABE: >Requesting access to ship’s data<
Kenzi: “There’s a data port in the cargo hold.”
Vula: “I hope that refraining message was just for De’kar”
ABE: >Affirmative<
De’Ker: “damn.”
ABE: >Access granted to data port in cargo bay<
Moves off in that direction.
De’Ker: “thank you Abe.”
Kenzi: Kenzi will hunt down these alleged kegs in the meantime
De’Ker: ya!

De’Ker: looks around “hey – i can see!” ABE: Returns from the cargo bay >Please, sir. It is required that you rest in order to recover< De’Ker: “damn! what a piece of junk.” starts towards bunks

ABE: >insults are not necessary, sir. Only rest<
De’Ker: “not you Abe, you are a first class Droid, I was referring to the state of the ship.” climbs into bunk

ABE: >compliment noted, sir. Enjoy your rest<
10:23 PM De’Ker: sleeping
Kenzi: Kenzi takes to drinking until his hands stop shakin.
He then goes to the ship’s computer to check on the status.
Vula: Vula checks in on De’kar and covers himwith a blanket before following Kenzi
Ren: * Returns to the cockpit and sits in the pilot’s seat possessively. *
Kenzi: “TIEs did a little superficial damage,” he announces. “Main and backup hyperdrives functional, shields at 77%.”
Vula: “I think new guy may have just saved our asses… we had no way of hidign that spice”
Vula: “not in time”
ABE: >Shield repair procedures are available, Master Vigil<
Kenzi: “We’re still gonna need some foodstuffs,” Kenzi grumbles.

Having bypassed the ISD, you are all now safely in hyperspace again. If you stay your present course, you’re two days out from Alderaan. You are also all kinda tired, except Abe.

Vula: Vula yawns loudly

Kenzi: “Anyone have any idea how much Imperial presence there’ll be in the Alderaan system?”
Kenzi: “We could try for Chandrilla.”
Ren: “Perfect. I’ve never heard of it.”
Kenzi: “Which means engaging the… thing again. But it still might be safer in the long run.”
Vula: Vula rubs her eyes “Just let me know.. I’ll change the course if needed.. but I’m going to conk out soon”
Kenzi: “Yeah,” he says with sudden conviction. “Let’s change course.”
Vula: “On it” Vula prepares to change the course
Kenzi: “Once this is done, we should all turn in.”
ABE: Removing myself to the area in front of the forward airlock

Vula: Vula changes the course while yawning loudly and scratching her butt

It’s an easy task, especially with Bone helping out

me: The ship is still a bit of a mess, even more so with the panels you all pulled off

Vula: Vula turns and looks at the guys “I need sleep, I’ll start cleaning when I wake up” walks off scratching her ass the whole way
Ren: * Ren shakes his head, looking away. *

Kenzi: “That… yeah. Bed.” With a sigh, he heads off to his bunk
ABE: (no further actions at this time. Entering observation mode)
Ren: (Reads a trashy holo-novel for a bit before also retiring.)
De’Ker: snore

The ‘night’ passes smoothly. Ren’s holonovel is engaging and tawdry at times, Vula sleeps soundly with a minimum of butt-scratching. Kenzi sleeps fitfully, but as well as he can. De sleeps like the dead, and when he awakes, his vision is almost clear.

De’Ker: stretches glances around, and heads to the cargo bay to look for his crate

You find your crate relatively easily. Finding the secondary crate, with your gear and orders, however, is a bit more problematic. You find your gear without worry, but it’s been put into a different crate. It’s in poor shape, but nothing that can’t be fixed with some elbow grease. Your orders, however, are long gone.

De’Ker: begins doing whatever maint. is needed starting with the saddle
“Abe, are you online?”
Kenzi: Kenzi starts tidying up as well. He starts by moving the spice into the smuggler’s hold
Ren: * Ren Tinkers with Bone and Francis, trying to improve their functionality. *
Vula: Vula begins fixing the panels and such she…. ‘helped’ with
ABE: >Affirmative. All system fully operational, Ma’am<
De’Ker: “Abe – can you check on my status please – I am still a little groggy. also, I’m a boy, as is made obvious by the honourable Mustache.”
ABE: .>Designation for male human, requested.<
10:59 PM >Repeating diagnosis: Hydration and rest of primary importance, sir<
De’Ker: since everyones up now “hey do any of ya’ll need something like this? we could paint it so it’s not so obviously… Old…” holding up light ASeperatist armor from his crate “Thank you Abe. I will comply”
Ren: “That would suggest I had the need for armor. Planning on getting shot at, Sep?”
ABE: >Repeating the request for Designation <
Ren: “He’s called Sep, Abe.”
De’Ker: “not really, which is why I’m asking… My mission is over, not that I would have worn this bulky stuff anyway…” * to the droid* “Please call me De’kar, or sir.”
ABE: >Loading into memory. Designation “Sep”<
Kenzi: Kenzi rubs the bridge of his nose
Ren: * Ren smirks. *
ABE: >Compliance with designation, Sir Sep.<
De’Ker: shrugs “well – close enough” to Ren “is there a market for this? we could trade it for this stuff you need for your delivery… maybe? I don’t need it”
ABE: >Other crew members now noted<
11:04 PM Turns to Vigil >orders, Master Vigil?<
Ren: “Yea, we can probably flip it. We can use the credits to acquire the food stuffs the Boss-man keeps whinging about.”
Kenzi: “Um… nothing now, Abe. As you were?”
Ren: “Maybe find an antique dealer.”
Vula: Vula walks in from dealing with the panels and tussles the fur on Ren’s head “Hey ya boys…. and how is my favorite little droid buddy doing Lil’ Abe”
ABE: >system status: Ready<
Ren: * Ren teaches Bone how to play Sabacc, and then how to cheat. *
De’Ker: pulls a spear out of the crate “yea! it’s not broke” *foloowed by a knife, a comm, and a large pile of leather like Tack.
Ren: * Eyes the spear from across the cargo hold. * “Huh.”
De’Ker: puts on a belt from the crate
Vula: “Well I know who I’m hanging with for the rest of this trip” nods at De
Kenzi: “Better to be prepared, I suppose. For anything.”
De’Ker: “I was supposed to scout landing zones for the droid ships… on some planet – they were gonna give me the name when they unfroze me…”
Ren: Mutters something about reruns of Survivor: Tattooine.
De’Ker: “is there anywhere I can charge the cell for this?” holds up a commando Special blaster carbine
Kenzi: “Maaaaybe?”

Ren: * Ren whistles appreciatively. * “Well now.” De’Ker: “I would assume it’s not legal… so I’ll store it down here.”

De’Ker: “I wonder if this is still good…” holding a ration pack
Vula: “Ren will eat anything, make him eat it”
Ren: “No I won’t.”

Kenzi: “We’ve still got a ways to Chandrilla. I should have mentioned before, if you hear any strangle rattling, let us know right away. That’s how we ended up in this mess in the first place.” ABE: >Food item has spoiled. Please do not consume<

ABE: >Chandrilla: Agricultural planet. Last known Senator: Mon Mothma. Major satrport: Hanna City. No further data at this time<
Vula: “I think we found were to get our food stuffs”
De’Ker: “I thought we were going hom… to Alderaan…”
Kenzi: “Well, I kinda told the Imperials we were going there. Then I kinda shot a bunch of TIE fighters.”
Ren: * Ren snorts. *
De’Ker: “why did you do that? by the way…” De Smirks
Ren: “He’s new at all this.”
Kenzi: “Because we were already fleeing by then? And I don’t need them making this ship any worse than it already is?”
De’Ker: “I seeeee….” mustache twitches
ABE: >Confirmation: Ship has deteriorated greatly since 3631 GTC.<
ABE: >Requesting full overhaul for safety of life forms aboard<
Ren: “When in doubt, pew pew, Cesar?”

Vula: “Is it wrong I want to draw a smiley face on the droid so I can feel like he’s talking just to me?” Ren: “Not wrong. Just odd.” ABE: >Please refrain from defacing this droid, Ms. Hitori<


Elenore Elenore

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