Scoundrel's Luck

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The best at space!

So you have about two days of hyperspace travel ahead of you.
Quick synopsis of how you spend your time?

Ren: (Tinkering. Drinking. Complaining.) Kenzi: Kenzi spends most of the time tidying, also searching for any more, um, surprises that Errant Venture might have for us. Vula: (Cleaning up Abe, pooping)

ABE: (Searching files to get updated…and being cleaned)

Kenzi: He also suggests that the mechanically minded among us might try to tweak our transponder codes De’Kar: 1) reading about WTF happened since I went to sleep.

2) asking about WTF happened since he went to sleep.
3) looking for a charge adapter for his blasters…
4) hiding and scareing the bothan for no good reason other than to make sure he still can.
oh – and drinking lots of water.

ABE: >>Transpoder code modification is illegal in every part of the galaxy…<<

>>The correct steps are….Shall I continue?<<
Kenzi: “So is a cargo hold full of spice, Abe.”
ABE: >.Affirmative<<
De’Kar: “Abe, why don’t you change the codes back to what they were before.”
ABE: >>Compliance<<
De’Kar: “not that I am in charge – but it seems like the smart thing to do…”
ABE: >.Warning, error in modification may cause damage to sub-light drives. Shall I continue?<<
Ren: “Were you some kind of Sep Officer…Sep?” Ren slurs surlily.
De’Kar: “umm… no – I ran a scout ship for the Techno union before I was a Sep, furry.”
ABE: >>Modifications complete.<<

Abe plugs into the computer bank in the cockpit, and the transponder cycles quickly through a series of older codes, settling on one that is vastly different from your original.

Ren: Ren nods offhandedly, a frown of concentration on his face.
Kenzi: “Nice! Good work, Abe.”
Vula: “Woohoo Abe!” *pats the droid gently
De’Kar: “So, Abe, who are we now?” De grins
ABE: >>Praises accepted. Renamed "Gambler’s Luck-k-k-k<<
>>Er-r-r-r-r error in Voc-k-k-abulater<<
Kenzi: "Hoo, boy. "
Vula: “I can try to fix little Abe… possibly”
“He may be due for a tune up… I wonder how old he is”
Kenzi: “Long’s we can still understand him, I’m not too worried.”
ABE: >>Self r-r-r-r-r-pair possible. Assistance ac-k-k-k-k-cepted<<
De’Kar: “I’ve never seen one like him… but I don’t much pay attention to droids.” shrugging…
Vula: “Well if this isn’t work… it’s possible other things don’t work.. I’d prefer to give him a once over… oh well.. go ahead Abe.. I’ll do my best to help”
ABE: >>Diag-g-g-g-g-notic-k-k-k-ks r-r-r-r-unning-g-g-g-g<<
Vula: Vula kneels down beside Abe and starts to help

Ren: “Chief! Come take a look at this,” Ren calls from the navicomputer banks.

You easily fix his vocabulator, but in the process, you crack open his chassis and take a look around

Vula: “Oh wow…. Abe’s manufacture was 2601 GTC….”
Kenzi: “What’s up, Ren?” Kenzi leans over the Bothan’s shoulder
Ren: “Check out these times this ship allegedly posted. That look right to you?”
Kenzi: He scratches his chin. “Not a bit.”
Vula: “We are definitely going to need to update ol’ Abe here… I wonder if there are any parts I can use out of all the other mess we found”
Ren: “It’s damn near impossible to change somethin’ like that… And why would you bother?”
Kenzi: “The ship’s gotta be getting more power from somewhere. Do you know anything about that, De?”
ABE: >>Overhaul required. Oil Bath recommended. No reprogramming required<<
Kenzi: “We have more droid parts than we’ll ever know what to do with, Vula. I’m sure you can find what you need in the starboard crates, there.” He points yonder
Kenzi: “We don’t have such a facility on board, no.”
De’Kar: “well… gotta have another power block somewhere – but heck if I know anything about that. – they only came with one standard, but this thing is far from standard.” smirks “it’s full of surprises, but I bet ol Abe here knows…”
Vula: “Well I’m going to get to work finding parts for Abe… yell if ya need ABE…” looks at Abe “We’ll get you an oil bath when we stop somewhere for now lets go look for some appropriate upgrades for you”
ABE: >>Acceptance<<
Ren: * The bothan nods at De’s suggestion. * “How ’bout it, Abe? Can you give us a full schematic of this ship?”
ABE: >>Secondary hyperdive installed, Rating 0.95(launches into specifics of time, date and specs)<<
Kenzi: Kenzi makes the sound he makes when he tries to whistle. “That’d do it, all right.”
ABE: >.Secondary Hyper-Drive requires excess power. Power shunted form lighting and weapon systems<<
Ren: “He do a lot of runnin’, Kenzi’s uncle?”
ABE: >> Affirmative<<
Kenzi: “Any chance he put a cloaking device on this heap?”
Ren: “Helluva thing.” Ren smirks.
ABE: >.Negative<<
Kenzi: “Blast.” His hopes were way up there, for about two seconds.
Vula: “I think I saw some hyperdrive power cables back in that secret compartment thingie”
Kenzi: “So, what, we need to hook it up? Hook it back up?”

De’Kar: “Abe, did you come to be on this ship with Master Talon, or were you on the ship before him?” sudden intensity in De’s Eyes indicate he really cares about this answer.
ABE: >>Negative. Purchase of self after Master Vigil acquired ship<<
De’Kar: disappointedly turns away

With all of you working together, you’re able to move around the crates on the bottom of the smuggling hold
Kenzi observes the exchange between De and Abe, but says nothing
It’s a simple patch to reattach the secondary hyperdrive, but you’d have to drop out and restart to get it going, and Vula would prefer you all run some diagnostics first.
Kenzi: “It’s not that far. We’ll give it a spin on our way out of this system.”

Hyperdrive mostly installed, you take a rest, eat some food and get a little rest. Ren: “Jefe, I think once you get some scratch together…if you replace the power plant, we might be able to get enough power to have the weapons at full running the second hyperdrive.” Ren: “Ain’t cheap, but…” Kenzi: “That sounds like a good idea. We’ll have to see how the books look once we’ve delivered the… stuff.” De’Kar: “Planning on shooting some more TIE fighters?” sidelong “I thought that was a mistake” Ren: Ren shrugs. “Being honest couriers is turnin’ out to be dangerous business, Sep.”

“Can’t hurt to take precautions.”
De’Kar: De turns to Kenzi “do I need to make arrangements on this planet to get out of your hair? or would an extra set of limbs be helpful?”
Ren: * He also looks at Kenzi, curious about his answer. *
Vula lifts her head from the diagnostics she’s running “It’d be helpful having an extra hand handling all this spice business”
Kenzi: “The way things have been going, having someone aboard who knows how to fight seems like good policy.”
Ren: Ren nods grudgingly. “’Sides. Yer a better pilot blind than Vula is sighted.”
Kenzi: “And I couldn’t care less what your politics were before, as long as you stand with us, now.”
“There is also that.” He grins in Vula’s direction. “So, sure. We’ll cut you in for a share, if you’re so inclined.”
De’Kar: “I will stand with you. and thank you for your kindness.” smiles
Vula: Vula growls at Ren “I’ll kick your ass and you know it, don’t start with me mister”
Ren: * Ren snorts and rolls his eyes, chuckling all the way back to the cockpit. *

While you are all scrounging for food in what passes for a galley, and considering playing a few hands of sabaac to work out who has to clean it the alarm from the navicomputer starts beeping
ABE: (expilnations offed to those who need them, in a sidebar)
Ren: “Five minutes ’til Chandrila (sp?) folks.”
Kenzi: “Fantastic.”
De’Kar: “time to strap in” *heads fore to co seat
Vula: Vula jams the rest of her food in her mouth making her look like a chipmunk and gets set
ABE: >>It is recommended to not over stuff your mouth while trying to eat. Weight gain likely<<
Kenzi: “I… huh.” Used to sitting in the copilot’s seat, Kenzi straps into an acceleration chair by the dejarik table.
Vula: Vula growls at Abe while trying to swallow the food

After some jockeying for chair position and consuption of Hot Pockets, everyone gets buckled in, and Ren pulls the hyperdrive levers back. Chandrila is a beautiful, blue-green planet. It’s also lacking in Star Destroyers, which is a nice change.
De’Kar: “that’s pretty, where we gonna land?” * glancing at the gauges to make sure we’re all A-OK in sublight
Kenzi: “Let’s see if we can find a busy market port. Some place we can pick up some grain.”
De’Kar: “such as….?” glancing back at Kenzi
Vula: “Got a port called Hanna… has some imperial comm talkies goings ons”
Ren: “Ask Nav, not the Boss. He just owns the ship.”
De’Kar: “noted” mustache giggle
Kenzi: “Can we listen in on that chatter?”
Whitney: Vula fiddles with a few knobs and buttons and the comm speakers crackle to life
You’re hearing approach traffic for Hanna City
Vula: “My hands work maaaagic” wiggles fingers
Kenzi: He grins at Vula’s display “Not that I expect them to be talking about us, but I suppose we should start being careful.”
Whitney: People are calling in for approach requests, and they seem few and far between. They are all giving code frequencies as well.
De’Kar: “excellent” then to Kenzi “wanna tell them we’re landing, and remember we’re the Gambler’s Luckkkk”
Ren: * Ren mutters something under his breath about ‘explain the vibration noises from your bunk. *
Kenzi: “All right. Vula, get us clearance to land, please.”
Vula: Vula goes about talking to the Hanna city peeps and getting clearance
Whitney: "Gambler’s Luck, this is Imperial control at Hanna city. What is your port of origin and cargo."
Kenzi: “We’re out of Corellia, with no cargo. Seeking grain to take to Kuat. Most of that’s true, right?”
Ren: “Yea. Right.”
De’Kar: facepalm
Ren: “I mean, Corellia has no record of a ’Gambler’s Luck’ leaving, but hey…”
Vula: “Corellia with no cargo, looking for grain to take to Kuat”
Whitney: “Please stand by”
Kenzi: “I think I’m starting to hate those three words.”
De’Kar: “breathe – we’re legit…” winks
Ren: “Ish.”
Whitney: “Gambler’s Luck, please turn to point-six-zero and approach on vector 120. Welcome to Chandrila”
“Docking bay 144. Have a nice stay.”
Kenzi: Kenzi’s held breath explodes from his body
Ren: * Ren guides her in. *

De’Kar: does important jobs like put down gears and flip switches – generally helpfully

Whitney: Chandrila is mostly grass and farmlands, with some interspaced forests.
You see very few tiny settlements – it looks nice, to De. Hanna city is a circular, white-marbled city, marred only by the gray permacrete structures making up the Imperial Base on the eastern side
De’Kar: “look – herds of Banthas!” pointing out the window
Kenzi: “Oh, wow.” He strains to see
Vula: “Lets hope none of us step in their poodoo”
De’Kar: “it makes great fertilizer…”
Kenzi: “Poodoo is their food, Vula.” His eyes roll.
Ren: * Ren gives the beasts a sidelong glance, and he shakes his head, face fur rippling at the conversation. *
Vula: “poodoo sounds like doodoo” she sticks out her tongue
Whitney: Ren lands the ship with a minimum of creaking and random popping noises gently inside docking bay 144

De’Kar: begins shutdown procedures Kenzi: “If there’s any luck left for us, this ship will be able to leave this place.” Whitney: A single officer, white-uniformed, peeks out of a small side office. You can see he’s holding a datapad. He sits back down in his chair, like he’s waiting for you. Kenzi: Kenzi straightens his collar and heads to talk to the officer. Vula: Vula pulls down her top revealing as much cleavage as possible and swaggers behind Kenzi Ren: * Ren sighs heavily and gives the cargo bay a final once over. * De’Kar: “Abe – can you run a diag on the sublights – she’s a little hot” grins “see if what we need to do to get her to cool her jets” ABE: >.As you wish, Mr. Sep<<

Cargo bay is neatly closed, and looking much cleaner than when you got it. The spice is tucked inside the containers, and under some empty cargo boxes.
Ren: “Don’t make me regret promoting you, Sep.”

De’Kar: “don’t worry fuzzy – I know how to put on the parking brakes”
Ren: “Clearly not.”

As you saunter down the landing ramp, the white-uniformed man waves to you from his office.

Vula: Vula waves slowly and puts a little extra sway in her hips ABE: (>.Excuse me, Ms. Hitori, but are you having lower back issues?<<)

He glances over everyone, his eyes lingering on Vula for a moment, then pulls his datapad out.
“Greetings! Welcome to Chandrila. How long will you be staying in Hanna City?”

Vula: “Just long enough to find some grain sweetie”
Kenzi: Kenzi closes his opened mouth, glances over at Vula, realizes what she’s up to, and opens it again.
He looks at Vula, and smiles. “Sounds like a plan to me. Chandrila is one of the largest grain exporters in the Core worlds.” He holds the datapad out to her. “Docking fees are 30 creds a day, but I can just say 30. You can stay as long as you need.”
Vula: “Aren’t you just the sweetest thing!” she brushes her hand against his cheek
Whitney: He blushes, and looks at his feet.
Kenzi: Kenzi clears his throat.
Ren: * Ren exits the ship and takes in the scene. He restrains himself from reacting, but it is a narrow thing. *
Vula: “You wouldn’t happen to know where a girl and her droid could get nice and clean would ya? My droid in the ship is in dire need of an oil bath and I could use a good scrubbing as well” she bats her eyelashes
De’Kar: *followed a moment or two later by De in his best attempt at modern clothing"
Whitney: He keeps blushing, but stammers out that there’s a shop around the corner for refurbishing droids.

Whitney: He also mentions a tapcafe not too far from here called the Floating Shrub, and sublty hints he and his friends like to go there after work.
Vula: “You are just so darn helpful” she giggles a little “And I bet you just know everything about how to get around here, you look smarter than most I’ve met.. You wouldn’t happen to know where to get the best price on grain is?”

He perks up at that. “The Grainaries are about to kilometers away, near the Antiquities institute. The Market is there – that’s where everyone brings their goods in.” Kenzi: <clipped> “Perfect. Much obliged. Come on, everybody.”

“My family has a stall there – Orran Family ! We sell wheat.” He stammers after you, “My name is Alan Orran…”

Vula: “Thank you so much sweetie. You have been just a pleasure to talk to! I’ll make sure to come by and see you before we leave Alan” she tickles his chin with one finger De’Kar: eyeroll – then wink at alan in an encourageing way

He blushes to his scalp. “If you go by, tell my sister Cedi I said hello?”

Vula: “Will do hun! Thank you again” looks back at the boys “Ok fellas lets get going” as she walks away she blows Alan a kiss

He smiles back at her, and then bustles back into his office

Ren: * Walks past Alan without acknowledging him. * Kenzi: “If I tell Cedi hello the way you told him,” Kenzi grumbles to Vula, “he’d probably beat me to death.” Vula: Vula yells back at Abe “Come on little buddy time to get you an oil bath” ABE: * Trundles out of the ship after the group * Vula: looks at Kenzi and whispers “I know I was laying it on thick, but I’d rather get them before they start wondering and looking thru the ship, better safe than sorry” Kenzi: “Oh,” he says. “That… makes sense.” Ren: “We could skip the whole ‘shipping’ business and just take a cut of whatever money Vula is able to talk men out of,” Ren offers snidely. ABE: * Locks up before following * De’Kar: “need a hand Abe?” glancing back Vula: she glares at Ren “Don’t be jealous that no one wants your hairy man boobs” ABE: >> Ship is currently secure, Mr.Sep.<< De’Kar: “good work Abe” Ren: “Jealousy. That’s it.” De’Kar: taking in the town – looking for a swoop shop, or a beastiary Kenzi: Kenzi walks a little ahead of the others

The Hanna spaceport is spacious and very clean. As Alan said, not too far away is a droid repair place, with an oil bath. For a quick soak, it’ll run you about 40 creds – that will be about 30-45 minutes

Vula: “Lets split up. I’ll take Abe for an oil bath, and you guys go look for a swoop”

De’Kar: “what comm channel you want to use – case we need to get in touch” *brandishing a relic of a comm"
Kenzi: <confused> “Am I the one getting grain, then?”
“I’m going with you, but I’m looking along the way..”
Kenzi: (looks at De) “How many channels does that thing get? Three?”
De’Kar: “actually – I could talk to space from here… but I doubt the encryption would work with any of the new stuff.”
Vula: “We’ll get the grain after you guys get the swoop”
Kenzi: “Oh.”

De’Kar: starts meandering towards the grain market

The walk is nice – or you can take a taxi there. It’s not very far either way.

Kenzi: After all this time on board the ship, Kenzi is content to walk. Ren: * Ren walks with Kenzi. * De’Kar: walking feels good De’Kar: any nice looking animals get a good long glance from De as well

It takes 20 or so minutes for you all to walk to the market. It’s lovely! the weather is perfect, and the city is clean and well maintained – Lots of herd animals

Kenzi: “This couldn’t be any more different from Corellia….”

De’Kar: waxes poetic about the traits of a good Picket
“that Runner there, it has a lame foot – bad footcare from the looks of it”

After a long lecture about pikets, you arrive at the market

Kenzi: With not much else to go on, Kenzi looks around for Cedi Orran

Vula is going to do some work on the ship

De’Kar: discusses comm channels with Vula then goes back to looking at aminals

also mentions that the sublight needs looked at

You all find Cedi loading grain from lifters onto skids. She’s a younger, but equally friendly version of her brother. “Hi,” she says brightly. “Can I help you? Are you interested in some of Chandrila’s finest berry wheat?”

Kenzi: “That sounds perfect. Your brother Alan sent us; he sends his love.”

She laughs, and pushes some of her hair back out of her face. “He’s so funny. We’d get in SO much trouble if they knew he was sending spacers to us.” She holds her hand out to Kenzi. “I’m glad he does though. I’m Cedi.”
De’Kar: starts examining the actual wheat to see what it’s quality is
Kenzi: “Kenzi Vigil, just arrived from Corellia. This is my business partner, De’kar.”
De’Kar: nods with a twinkle in his eye
Kenzi: He takes her hand to shake it, then changes his mind and places a brief kiss on the back of it
De’Kar: eyeroll “Captain, this is high quality grain. Alan didn’t steer us wrong”

Cedi blushes, exactly like her brother, and then smiles broadly at both Kenzi and De for the compliments. She also doesn’t let go of his hand.

Kenzi: Kenzi takes a bit too long to realize that before finally letting go

“I, um,” she walks a little too quickly to the grain bins, and points out a few crates. “How much would you like?”

De’Kar: slinks behind a crate non-chalantly – pretending to examine the contents ABE: * Stands at full 3 meter height to find him * Kenzi: “I’d be looking for about fifteen containers worth. Do you have that much in stock at the moment?”

She climbs up the skid and counts quietly to herself. “Looks like it. Current rate, since the market is a bit flooded, is 7 cpu, 10 units per crate – fifteen crates, so 1050 creds total. Market is a little down right now.” she looks a little dejected.

Kenzi: “Would it be too much trouble,” Ken says brightly, “to see a sample?” ABE: * Approches Ren * >>Mr. Kolath?<<

She brightens up. “Of course not, Mr. Vigil.” She pulls open one of the closest crates and scoops out a handful of fat, shiny wheat.
Kenzi: “Captain Vigil,” he says off-handedly. “But please, call me Kenzi.”

“Captain, er Kenzi, of course.” Kenzi: He examines it critically, like he has any idea what he’s looking at, or for. “Oh yes, very nice.” De’Kar: trying to stay behind teh crates, De says “Captain, it would be best if we paid this nice lady a premium, this is high quality, and we wouldn’t want the competition” glances meaningfully at a patrol “to outbid us” Kenzi: “That’s exactly what I was thinking, De. Good idea.”

Kenzi, you catch sight of Abe rolling across the market towards you all.

Kenzi: “It’d be my great pleasure to take fifteen crates off your hands for twelve hundred credits, provided you can have it delivered to our ship, the Gambler’s Luck, at docking bay 144.”

She beams at you both. “Oh, thank you! I will send it over right away!” She pulls out her datapad, and you guys make the bank transfer.

Kenzi: “Good fortune has finally found us, Cedi. It’d be heartless of me not to share it.” She’s beaming from ear to ear. “Thank you, Kenzi. This will make my family very happy.” She punches in some coordinates to her lifting droid. “I hope we’ll see you before you leave” “And if your buyers like it, please, we would be happy to provide.” De’Kar: slips back out of sight Kenzi: “We haven’t quite dialed in a departure time just yet, I don’t think.”

“Oh, I see.” She looks studiously at her feet. “Maybe we’ll see you at the tapcafe, then.”

The loading droid begins to rumble off…And De is … behind some crates. Abe is carrying several things in his spindly appendages that look very much like the broken packets

Kenzi: Kenzi’s working on the best dazzling smile a 1st-level character can manage, but it wavers at the sight of what Abe’s carrying.

De’Kar: looks slightly startled…
Kenzi: (to Cedi) “Um. Count on it. When do you finish up here?”

“Just after sundown. Then we usually go to the Shrub for dinner. If you’re hungry, they make a wonderful bantha steak”
Kenzi: “Bantha’s hard to get back home,” Kenzi lies. “I believe I’ll take you up on that. Come on, everyone. Abe.”
De’Kar: “I haven’t had a good bantha steak since I was a kid…” wistful smile “we’ll be glad to meet you there”
Kenzi: As he draws closer to the droid, he hisses: “What the Hell are you doing?!”
ABE: >.Yes, Master Vigil<<
>> Did we not need replacements for these?<<

She waves goodbye to you, “see you this evening, I hope!” she calls after you leave.

Kenzi: “Oh! Yes. Yes, I guess we do. That’s good thinking. They aren’t, um, full of product any more, right?” De’Kar: looks carefully at the packages – are they incriminating? ABE: Moves between Sep and the troopers Ren: * Ren snaps back into frame, smirking. * De’Kar: nervously hides behind the droid Kenzi: (to Abe) “So, did you have any luck? Or did you come straight here?”

ABE: >> All I could find were these two packets to replace the lost one <<

Kenzi and Ren follow the line of sight for what De is hiding from – there is a patrol of stormtroopers making a leisurely circuit around the market
Ren: * The bothan looks between the troopers and the relic, and scoffs. * “What are you trying to do? Make yourself look conspicuous?”
Kenzi: “Yeah, uh… maybe circuit around them. Plenty of room.”
“You want ABE to go distract them so you can slip around?”
Ren: “Don’t encourage him. Just don’t get mud on their boots and they won’t give two figs about us.”

So far, they are taking no notice of you. You all, however, notice that there is a lot of delicious food about.

De’Kar: “just trying not to be noticed…” flashes teeth in a forced smile

Kenzi: Kenzi sighs, then leads the way past the stormtroopers, finding his smile as he approaches.
Ren: “Protip, Sep. You don’t want to be noticed. Stand around looking bored. Just watch me. It’s my constant state.”
Ren: * Ren’s eyes widen at the sight of Abe’s height. *
De’Kar: “yea – easy for you – you are somewhat legal..” sighs and begins to try to look not nervous
Ren: “Psh. At least you’re human.”
ABE: >.It is easier to find one’s Master from this height<<
Ren: * To Abe, * “Yea, I can see how it might be.”
Whitney: You all put on your best game faces and walk right past the stormtroopers. They give you the once over, but nothing more.
Kenzi: Kenzi glances at De. “Wow, to think I was worried that I might stick out. That’s a bit better, though.”
ABE: reverts to normal 1.5 meters

So Chandrilla has a wide array of foodstuffs and boozestuffs available.
Kenzi: So we stock the larder

There is also a small starship arms dealer near the spaceport
De’Kar: I beg kenzi to buy ABE comfort foods… like Alderaan wine

Kenzi: “So, you fellows feel like bantha steaks tonight? Before we set off for Kuat? Again?” Ren: * Ren scoffs. * “All you hairless apes think about is rutting.” De’Kar: “yes – if someone can pay – I doubt they’ll take my credits…” Ren: “But yes, I could go for steak.” Kenzi: “Hey, I’m thinking about food.” It takes Kenzi a bit longer to reply than he would have liked.

Ren: * The bothan shakes his shaggy head. *


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