Baku Rost (Pherkad Crescentleap)

aka Baku Rost, aka Harris Neil Patrick aka Lem Phan


Baku is a young, overly-passionate human male. He’s average height, 5’9", and weighs 160 lbs. He’s currently dressed in rough cast off clothes found on the ship as his own clothes were burnt badly in his crash landing. Baku has short, brown hair, has a pale complexion, and immaculate teeth due to his family’s personal dentist. Baku has a great curiosity about non-human races but has little practical experience interacting with them.


Pherkad Crescentleap, or Baku Rost as he now calls himself, was born to a rich affluent family on Coruscant. Pherkad grew up in a world of sheltered privilege, going to the best schools and trained under the best personal tutors. By the time he was 17, Pherkad was well versed in a multitude of subjects from Galactic Lore to the bureaucratic practices on several of the planets in the Empire, but he showed special skill in xeno-physiology and medicine. Hoping that these skills would translate into a promising position in the Empire, Pherkad’s parents enrolled him in the Imperial Institute of Higher Studies on Ferrhast.

While on Ferrhast, Pherkad excelled in his studies of xeno-physiology, but discovered a new passion for philosophy. Pherkad spent many an evening debating the finer points of Imperial doctrine with other students, but Pherkad began to argue against the Empire’s enslavement of many non-human races. Pherkad raised eyebrows at the Institute, but he managed to avoid getting into trouble.

Pherkad’s views changed significantly on a semester break in his senior year when he overheard one of his father’s business meetings outlining the transport and sale of several Wookie slaves. Confronting his father about the meeting, Pherkad discovered that his family’s fortune was made in the Empire initiated Wookie slave trade. After a huge fight, Pherkad turned his back on his family, his fortune, and the hope to fix the Empire from the inside.

Baku’s/Pherkad’s song is Get Up, Stand Up by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Baku Rost (Pherkad Crescentleap)

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