DZ-70 - "Dizzy"

Knup and Wojo's little droid daughter


Dz statblock


DZ-70, or Dizzy, as the crew calls her, is a stolen borrowed Interplanetary Survey droid made from the chassis of a DRK Probe droid. She and her ‘sister’ were dropped for Tarandon Dantooine, but were intercepted by Orna, and then re-intercepted by Knup and Wojo.

Capable of holding up to ten 10km x 10km survey maps at a time in her memory banks, Dizzy was intended to be used to survey the area for a new Rebel base on Dantooine. Tarand gave her to the crew after he extracted the Alliance-specific information from her memory banks, and considered the transfer as part of their payment.

Dizzy is chipper and eager to work. She is often deployed to survey an area before the party engages, and has been indispensable in locating, avoiding and neutralizing Imperial patrols.

DZ-70 - "Dizzy"

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