A dreamer who's not afraid to think.


Mon Calamari Slicer

STR 12
DEX 18
CON 10
INT 20
WIS 16
CHA 14
Initiative 11

Fort 14
Ref 18
Will 17
AC 27
Damage Threshold 14

Strike & Run
Master Slicer

Weapon: Czerka Adjudicator (2d4)
Low light vision
Swimmer – Reroll swim and can choose to take 10. Can breathe underwater. (Racial)
Languages: Basic and Mon Calamari


Name: Neralli Oki
Age: 20 (Same age progression as humans)
Home Planet: Dac

Nareeli left home to explore the universe. She is patient and quiet, likely to follow along with the direction a group is going as long as it is somewhere new to explore. Her family would never know that she has any experience in shady dealings, but she sees the skills she uses as puzzle tactics and feels that circumventing the Empire is an acceptable use of her skills. As one of the Empire’s first actions was enslaving her people, she has lost no love on them, a sentiment shared by her parents.

Theme Song: Highwanman by the Highwaymen (Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristoffersen


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