Talina Shaasa

Freighter pilot turned slicer.


Talina Shaasa CL 12

Medium Human scoundrel 12
Init +15; Senses Perception +12
Languages Basic, Binary, Bocce, Huttese, Mando’a
Defenses Ref 28 (flat-footed 24), Fort 22, Will 24; Advantageous Cover, Dodge, Mobility, Slippery Maneuver
hp 56; Threshold 22

Speed 6 squares
Melee by weapon + 9
Ranged DX-2 Disruptor pistol + 13 (3d6+6) or
Ranged hold-out blaster + 13 (3d4+6)
Base Atk + 9; Grp + 13
Atk Options Deadeye, Opportunistic Shooter, Pistoleer, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Surprise Strike, Zero Range
Special Actions Electronic Sabotage, Gimmick

Abilities Str 10, Dex 19, Con 10, Int 20, Wis 12, Cha 13
Special Qualities Bad Feeling
Talents Electronic Forgery, Electronic Sabotage, Gimmick, Master Slicer, Surprise Strike, Trace
Feats Advantageous Cover, Bad Feeling, Deadeye, Dodge, Mobility, Opportunistic Shooter, Pistoleer, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Focus (Use Computer), Slippery Maneuver, Weapon Proficiency (pistols, simple weapons), Zero Range
Skills Deception +12 (may Use Computer +23 to create deceptive appearance with forged electronic documents instead), Gather Information +12 (may Use Computer +23 with access to a computer network instead), Initiative +15, Knowledge (bureaucracy) +16, Knowledge (technology) +16, Perception +12, Pilot +15, Stealth +15, Use Computer +23 (may Issue Routine Command as swift action; may reroll to improve access to a computer and keep the better result)
Possessions anti-security blade, audiorecorder, com scrambler, comlink (miniaturized) with holo capability, computer spike, DX-2 Disruptor pistol, hold-out blaster, utility belt (3 day food supply, medpac, tool kit, power pack, energy cell, glow rod, comlink, liquid cable dispenser), computer interface visor, personal multitool, security kit, tool kit


Talina was born and raised on Dantooine. For many years, she flew ore shipments from the Mining Outpost to other nearby systems, but the arrival of Black Sun disrupted all that. The organized crime syndicate began coercing the citizens into protection rackets, and the Empire made little to no effort to stop it. After her family’s shipping company was run out of business and the Empire’s only recourse was to make her fill out datapads full of reports, she decided she had had enough.

While flying contract work, she began spending the time in hyperspace teaching herself to slice computers – first simple things, like doors and lockboxes, but soon moving up to droids and communications arrays. It was by hacking into the Imperial communications array that she discovered Jace Orna‘s name, and decided to keep an eye on him. He was the Imperial Officer that buried her family’s problems in red tape, and she had a personal bone to pick with him.

Her one-woman vendetta soon gained some momentum when she was discovered one night working on the comm uplink channels. Tarand happened to see her slip around the backside of the Imperial office building, and followed her. It didn’t take long for the two of them to form both a close friendship and begin to work together. The nacent Alliance was more than happy to accept her expertise, and they began the careful infiltration of the Imperial networks on Dantooine.

The crew met Talina soon after they met Tarand, but found her a little more approachable. She is quiet and serious, and is wholly focused on the goals of the Alliance. It is very rare indeed to see her alone, as she and the former clone have lately become quite close.

Talina Shaasa

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