Wojo Cubar

Devil-like lifelong spacer


Class Medium Devaronian scoundrel 4
Prestige Class Improviser
FP 7
Destiny 4

Abilities Str 13, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 15

Speed 6 squares; Base Attack +3

Defenses Fort 17, Ref 19, Will 17

HP 30; Threshold 17

Languages Devaronian, Basic, Huttese, Bocce, Binary

Talents Spacehound, Jury-Rigger

Feats Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus Mechanic, Vehicular Combat,
Weapon Proficiency Pistol Simple, Tech Specialist, Precise Shot

Weapon DL-44 modified heavy blaster
Normal range +2 (3d8 + 1)
Point blank +3 (3d8 + 2)

Skills Acrobatics 10, Climb 3, Deception 9, Endurance 5, Gather Info 9, Initiative 5, Jump 3, General Knowledge 7, Mechanics 17, Perception 9, Persuasion 9, Pilot 10, Ride 7, Stealth 10, Survival 6, Swim 4, Treat Injury 4, Use Computer 12, Use The Force 4


Wojo Cubar is a fairly typical Devaronian spacer. He is considered middle-aged for his species at 48 years. He is 5’7" tall and he weighs around 300 pounds, but he does not look heavy because he is very dense. If he were a human, he would have the appearance of someone who weighed around 165 pounds. Being a male Devaronian, he looks like Satan. He is usually relatively well dressed and he is very proud of his horns, constantly grooming them.

Wojo was born and grew up on Devaron. The Devaronians are a very ancient species and they were one of the first species in the galaxy to develop a hyper-drive system for space travel. They are therefore a very proud space-faring people with a long history of galaxy exploration and trade.

Male Devaronians are born with an insatiable wanderlust and almost always leave the planet sometime after reaching adulthood. Young males hate commitment and they are always looking to move on to something else. Most become spacers as the spacer lifestyle allows them to wander freely. Spacing is also in the male Devaronian’s blood, as it is such an important part of Devaronian culture. There are few opportunities for adult males on Devaron, as Devaronian society expects them to leave the planet. The planet is run by the females, who are generally born with much greater foresight and overall intelligence than their male counterparts. It should be noted that male spacers are unintentionally an important part of the planet’s economy, as they are responsible for most of the trade Devaron carries out with other planets.

Wojo left Devaron at 18 and has worked and lived aboard freighters ever since. He has learned most everything there is to learn about tramp spacing and tramp freighters. He is an excellent mechanic and a reasonably good pilot. He has been to many of the planets in the galaxy, but he has not seen much of them beyond the spaceports. Wojo returns to Devaron on occasion. On one of these trips, he married Nelsa Loy. He now has 4 children with her and he sends most of his money back home to his family.

Some years ago, as Wojo began approaching middle age, he become bored with the spacer life and decided to go after an old dream; to own and operate his own ship. Having limited personal resources (male Devaronians are bad at saving money), he entered into an uneasy partnership with two other individuals to purchase a used but well maintained Nova Courier at a black market auction (an auction for stolen ships). The venture turned out to be a nightmare. Business was never good and the partners were always at each other. Eventually, the ship’s former owner, a small but well connected smuggling outfit known as _, came looking for her. After some very close calls, the partners decided they needed to ditch the ship at _ and part ways. After arriving at _, however, Wojo became very suspicious that his partners might be planning on turning him and the ship over to _ to save their own hides. He decided to steal the ship and take her to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

Wojo likes to listen to songs that he thinks describe his life. For instance, here is a song about underage drinking. And here is a song about going to prison after acting on an impulse.

Wojo Cubar

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