Scoundrel's Luck

Reroute all power to the Pewing devices
That's their technical name.

Vula: “Hey new guy you blind” – flashes her chest for a second “Can you see these?”
Kenzi: Kenzi is nearly struck blind.
Ren: Ren’s face fur ripples in distaste at the sudden sight of Vula’s disgustingly hairless chest.
“What is the matter with you?”
Kenzi: “Um… yeah. Put those away, please.” He looks disgusted with himself.
Vula: Vula snorts with laughter “So sensitive!”
De’Ker: “from the sound of it, I just missed some skin. but I confess I am more worried about my own skin than anything else right now. who are you people?”
Ren: “Pirates,” Ren deadpans.
Kenzi: “That’s Ren,” he says, a bit apologetically. “I’m Kenzi, and she’s Vula. What’s your name?”
De’Ker: “I’m De’kar.”
Kenzi: “Pleasure to meet you, De’kar. You aren’t in any danger here. Though I wonder how you got here in the first place.”
“Nice to meet ya” Vula waves… then remebers he can not see so she pats him on the head
De’Ker: “I might shed some light on that, if I can get some better bearings on what I’ve missed.”
“so – what’s happened in the last 17 years, who won the war?”
Kenzi: “Well… the Republic did. Sort of.”

Carbonite and the Non Squishy Device
It keeps us from dying!

So currently, they sit in the cargo bay of their ship, surrounded by a pile of broken droid parts with a panel removed from the wall.

Kenzi regards the datajack. “Do we have a datapad or anything that’ll access this? Or do we need a droid?”

The three of you crowd around the dataport, and Vula gently wipes away the layer of droid lubricant covering the connections. It’s definitely a droid jack.

Ren: “Datapad would be impressive for this connection,” Ren comments.

Armory, The Facility

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: Harris and Darwin don the officer’s uniforms. I’m very much surprised that the unis are wearable, especially the one that came off of the guy that Darwin nuked. Harris explains to Darwin that the syringe he stabbed into his neck provided him with “sh*t-tons” of healing. I do not know if this is more or less than “sh*tloads”, but in any case Darwin seems to recover a great deal of strength.

Neralli uses the code cylinder to access the floor plan on the computer console. The floor plan map displays the location of all of the storm troopers. They apparently are tagged with transponders so that their movements can be more easily coordinated by their superiors. There are many, many storm troopers on the first floor, which is our destination. To this Knup says “Oh, f*ck me, man!” I think that pretty much sums up everyone’s feelings on the subject.

"I Shall Avenge You"
Inside the Facility

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: We clamber down a spiraling staircase into a short hallway with a door on one end. Harris peeks through the door and then signals for us to follow him. Through the door is the interior of some kind of underground hangar. Immediately my attention is caught by what appears to be a TIE bomber, but heavily modified. I really want to get a close look at it.

There are several storm troopers and two officers in the hangar. They all turn to us as soon as we enter. Harris addresses the officers directly: “We have been ordered to inspect this area due to a potential security breech.” One of the officers, who is standing by a large computer console on the far side of the hangar, activates an alarm. What an asshole. I, for one, thought that Harris was very convincing as a security patrol leader.

Making an Entrance
The Perimeter

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: We continue to fly casually toward what I believe might be our impending doom. This inquisitor that Knup describes sounds pretty terrifying, and I’m not totally convinced that our storm trooper guise is gonna hold up under any kind of scrutiny. That’s why I’m relieved when Knup, who has been unusually quiet, suddenly clears his throat and announces to the party (except for Darwin) that he now has a clearer reading on the black hole of evil that he sensed earlier, and that its source is more likely inside the facility rather than somewhere along the road. Harris shows sudden interest in Knup’s ability to read the force. I hear parts of a conversation that goes something like this:

Moenia, Naboo

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: The group decides to nix my drilling machine approach to breaking into the R&D facility and to go with a more conventional course of action. By conventional I mean boring. It goes something like this: we are to all dress up as storm troopers and drive to the facility, and I am to set off a massive remote-controlled explosion somewhere near the facility so that we can all sneak in on the opposite side while all the real storm troopers are hopefully distracted. Harris is really high on this plan, but I’m not convinced that it has any better chance of working than my idea. When you think about it, it doesn’t exactly seem fail-proof, does it? Unfortunately, Knup finally decides to join us, and he gets all excited about the whole dressing-up-as-a-storm-trooper thing, so that’s that. It’s pointless to argue with Knup about anything.

Of Dearic and Spice
The sweet smell of droid lubricant ...


Scoundrel’s Luck: The Online Group

The three of you met shortly after the funeral of Kenzi’s uncle Talan, two days ago in Dearic on Talus, one of the twin planets. So far, things have gone smoothly. The title was transferred with only a little bit of palm-greasing. The ship was in worse shape than you would have liked, but she’s together. You’re currently sharing a corner booth at the only tapcafe that doesn’t have sticky seats in the capital city. So you’re here, with a ship, and some credits to your name, and high hopes.

What Next?

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: So we’re gonna have to drive all night to get back to the ship. Luckily I have a case of Red Bull and Arrik keeps talking my ear off. I guess he’s part of some paramilitary guardian Jedi group called the “Antarian Rangers.” Never heard of them. Probably because they’ve been on the DL every since Order 66 went into effect. Anyway, Fel got into this mess because he was sent by Kota to rescue a lady Twi’lek (!) Jedi who went against Kota’s orders and sought out some kind of R&D station here on Naboo without any backup or assistance. Fel claims that when he showed up on Naboo, everything went “pear shaped.” What the hell does that mean? What is a pear? I never get a chance to ask.

Unfortunately, thanks to his contacts, Fel just so happens to have the coordinates to this R&D facility. That means we are going to have to go there, especially since Fel seems to think that all of what’s-his-name’s stuff is there. I don’t care about any of that crap, but (Devaronian god) knows that I do have a soft spot for lady Twi’leks. So I guess I can use that for motivation. I shouldn’t be this pissy about everything, I think I’m just hungry. Baku keeps talking about some seafood place he found in Deeja that serves furry clams. These damn humans and their weird dietary needs. When we get back to the ship I’m going to have to look up “furry clams” on the holonets, because I’ve never heard of such a thing.

The SW Team

Baku Rost (Pherkad Crescentleap)’s personal log:

I’ve noticed a trend setting in when our group meets with potential employers; they hem and haw over our trustworthiness when in the end everyone knows that we are the ones that need to do the job. In fact, based on our recent performance it has struck me that our group shines in doing the jobs no one else is able to, helping out in dire situations. Our calling card might as well be: If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire…who? That’s the problem really. One thing I remember most from Inter-Galactic Marketing 101 is that to sell your product to a potential client base you need to have a recognizable brand identity. Customers see that brand and are comforted, thinking “hey, that’s the kind of brand I’d like to purchase, invest in, and have sex with.” Hmmm. Maybe my notes for that classed got mixed with Xeno-Seduction 203. I should look over those notes again…


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