Scoundrel's Luck

Interlude: The Difference
In Which Kenzi Vigil Has a Visitor.

Posted by Darth Krzysztof

Kenzi woke up with a start, shivering in his bunk. Errant Venture’s heating system was temperamental, even on a good day, and “cold” was one of the first three words that always came to mind when describing space.

It’s more than the cold, he thought, and you know it.

“Couldn’t sleep?” came a voice in the dark, familiar and impossible all at once. Kenzi grabbed a nearby lamp and clicked it to life, spilling light on the handsome, weary face of Talan Vigil. “Hey there, Kenny.”

Kenzi hated to be called that – by anyone else. “What… what? Uncle Talan?”

“Who else? Isn’t this my ship?” Talan spread his arms and leaned back against the bunk opposite Kenzi’s. “What’s the matter? Aren’t you glad to see me?”

“Of course I am.” Kenzi pushed himself up on his elbows. “I just, um… didn’t expect to see you again.”

“Because I’m dead,” Talan said. Kenzi nodded. “Don’t worry, Kenny. It’s not like one of those stories where the ghosts go away when they find out they’re ghosts. Stupid, really.”

If this is really Uncle Talan… “Um… where have you been?”

“Wrong question, Kenny.”

If it wasn’t Uncle Talan, whoever he was, he’d certainly done his homework. Talan told Kenzi that all the time. “Right. Sorry. Why are you here now?”

“Because you needed to talk to me,” Talan said. “Because nobody else would understand.”

“I’m not sure I understand, Uncle Talan.”

Talan patted his nephew’s knee. “Come on, then. I’ll show you.” He got up and walked out the door; Kenzi hauled himself from his bunk, taking a moment to wonder where everyone else had gone before following.

But the door slid open to reveal the bunker he’d found on Ord Ibanna, instead of the Errant Venture’s ring corridor. He turned to go back, but Talan blocked his path. “How did you do that?” Kenzi asked.

Talan smiled. “For all I know, you did it.”

How to buy a used speeder...

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The thoughts of De’kar


What a con man this Twi’lek is… Thinks that because he’s got two pretty girls with him to show off his wares that we won’t notice how bad they look… But this is a pile of junk…

“This beautiful example of Old Republic craftsmanship is going to serve you well my friend.”
So this salesman knows how old this thing is…

“She’s been maintained on a corporate schedule”
Meaning only when it was broken to bad to move

“You’ll never find a deal like this anywhere else in the Sphere”
Meaning he’s trying to rip us off.


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Previously, on Scoundrel’s Luck Online…

Ren stayed to watch the ship while Kenzi, Vula, De’ker, and ABE went to investigate the Meltdown Café. Following up on a tip from Talan Vigil’s logs, they located Shandrize Ihali, a slightly maimed twi’lek with a scowl and a flamethrower. De kept an eye on a man in black clothing who seemed a little too interested in their quarry, who was engaged in observing a zabrak at a sabaac table. When Kenzi attempted to strike up a conversation with her, she scowled and asked him what side he was on, unholstering a heavy blaster…

“Game’s over, Uei,” Shandrize declared loudly, aiming the weapon at the zabrak. The patrons in the line of fire scattered. Kenzi sucked a breath in through his teeth, but dared not make a move. The zabrak, Uei, narrowed his eyes at Shandrize, but remained still. “Hands up where I can see them,” the twi’lek prompted, but her target simply sneered.

The Favor
In Which Kenzi Vigil Calls on Dra Again.

Posted by Darth Krzysztof

Kenzi entered Tondra Has’s shop, looking around the mountains of crates. He followed the sound of Dra’s voice to find her negotiating with a portly Gran, but waited until the alien left before approaching her.

“Kenzi Vigil,” Dra said with a smile as she turned to face him. Offering her gloved hand, she said, “I was hoping you’d come walking back through my door.”

She’s speaking Basic, this time, Kenzi thought. You still need to keep it polite, though. He shook her hand; as before, she took it away before he could move to kiss it. Not that it’s as effective when the lady’s wearing gloves. So he bowed slightly, saying, “Something made it inevitable.”

“And what might that be?” Dra’s hands found her hips as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

“Fifteen crates of Chandrillian berry wheat you were looking to sell for better than 160 credits each.” He considered winking, but chose instead to let his tone tell the story.

Dra was willing to play along, if her smile was any indication. “Oh, right. That. Hold on, I don’t wanna be interrupted.” She went to lock the door, setting the sign to show ‘out to lunch’. “Unfortunately, the best I could do on those was one fifty-five. I would have held out for more, but I needed the space back.” She waved an arm at the stacks and stacks of crates that filled the shop. “Sorry about that.”

Kenzi raised a hand and put on a good-natured smile. “Don’t be; there’s no need. We both profited.”

“You more’n me, I’ll bet.” Dra took a moment to relay an address to a lifter droid. She turned back to Kenzi, looking him up and down. “Can I be honest with you?”

Don’t say ‘I don’t know, can you?’ “Your secrets are safe with me, Dra.”

Video Killed the Radio Star
Just making this delivery.

You drop out of hyperspace into the Kuat system. All most of you know about them is that this is where the bulk of the Empires star destroyer fleet is assembled

Kenzi: “All right. We’ve got the homing beacon removed, the cargo stowed, and the grain in its place.”
Ren: “We might just pull this off.”

Ahead of you is the Imperial checkpoint station

Kenzi: “Maybe we should switch the transponder back to Errant Venture. They might be alerted to Gambler’s Luck blasting her way off Chandrila.”
Vula: “Good idea”

Boom Goes the Dynamite
Command Center, The Facility

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness:

High Alert
Main Level, The Facility

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: Neralli and I stay hidden in the armory with Arrik for protection while Harris, Knup, and Darwin head out into the hallway (still in uniform, of course) to take a peak at the goings-on. When they return, they tell us that there is quite a bit of storm trooper activity and that it seems pretty chaotic. Everyone is on high alert, not surprisingly. Harris suggests that even though he, Knup, and Darwin drew no attention from the troopers, Neralli and I might raise some eyebrows. And unfortunately we will both be needed upstairs.

Harris starts in on my horns again. He claims that nobody likes my storm trooper outfit with my extra-large helmet. I explain to him that it worked just fine for getting me into this mess, and I ask him why it is suddenly an issue now. He offers no satisfactory explanation. He only begs me to allow him to cut off my horns so my head will fit into a normal storm trooper helmet. And of course he claims that he will replace them with bigger ones later. I am no doctor but I know for sure that it doesn’t work that way. His obsession with cutting off my horns must be some kind of jealousy issue. I decide to be the bigger man (in more ways than one) and just let it slide this time.

So it looks like I’m going to have to remove my storm trooper gear and join Neralli as a fake prisoner. Darwin conceals my pistol somewhere on my person. I’d rather have Knup do this, because he is a magician at that sort of thing, but he is too consumed with the Darkness to be of much help. Meanwhile, more evidence of a budding romance between Harris and Neralli is taking place as Harris awkwardly tries to hide a weapon on Neralli. I watch as Harris licks his fingers and then rubs them through his eyebrows. Arrik laughs and says something about “Rule 34.” Rule 34 must be some kind of Imerpial law or something. I’m not sure how it applies to this situation. I will do a holonets search for it later if we don’t die.

We step out into the hallway and make our move. Harris and Darwin, in their officer’s uniforms, take the lead. Neralli and I are in the middle as prisoners, and Knup and Arrik are bringing up the rear as guards. We need to get Neralli to a computer terminal in the command center. With our officer’s code cylinder she should be able to figure out how to override the alarm and find the exact location of the Darkness and the Light.

Storm troopers are everywhere, headed in all different directions. No one seems to have any idea what is going on. The door heading to the hangar bay is now heavily guarded. The troopers all seem to be eager to take a peak at the carnage down there. We seem to go completely unnoticed as we head for the stairs to the command center. We pass a pair of guards standing in front of a heavy duty set of doors. Another hangar bay, perhaps? They watch us go by but don’t leave their posts.

Eventually we reach a corridor. Harris gestures that this is the place. We move carefully down the corridor and around a corner. There we find a locked door, strangely unguarded. We all gather around Neralli as she quickly unlocks the door. She really is a whiz at the whole door-unlocking thing. Good thing. I sometimes get trapped in my own fresher, and I know Knup grew up in a house without locks, or doors, for that matter.

Black Magic Evil
Armory, The Facility

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: As usual, we find ourselves in a tight situation with no plan. And of course, nobody has any ideas. Knup closes his eyes and goes into Force Mode.

KNUP: "Upstairs, at the very top of this place… I feel Light, and, and… "

HARRIS: “…the Darkness! Black magic evil mothaf*ckas?”

Knup nods his head in agreement. Looks like we will be dealing with some seriously bad dudes.

Harris says something stupid to Neralli, and she becomes super-duper pissed. Arrik claims that the two of them fight like a married couple. If I ever fought like that with my lovely wife Nelsa Loy, I think she would literally tear me limb from limb. She is kind of aggressive.

After the fight, Harris and Darwin approach me with the best idea I have ever heard: We should rig the armory to explode just in case our yet-to-be-created plan doesn’t pan out. I am delighted to oblige them. I feel a little bit bad for Darwin, because all of the weaponry in here belongs to him. But I really, really hope I get to blow this place up.

While I rig the explosives, Neralli finds a computer terminal and discovers that the facility alert level has gone from green to yellow and that large numbers of troopers are headed to the site of the massacre. Looks like they are on to us.

Harris and Knup assume their pseudo-command positions and come up with a “plan.” Using the map on the computer terminal, Knup decides that the Darkness and the Light that are exciting his tingly parts are coming from the same place: the command center upstairs. Harris works out the logistics. We are to march upstairs against the torrent of storm troopers, overthrow the command center, turn off the alarm, kill the Darkness, and rescue the Light. Then escape and find the Escalade. He does not work out any of the details. Much to my shock and horror, Arrik does not interject. We must truly be screwed.

Kuat bound
Can't you guys go to hyperspace once without shooting something?

You crew has a lovely lunch, and the bantha steaks are as good as you would have hoped. Just like home, De.
De’kar: sniffs

When you return to the ship, the wheat has been delivered, and Vula has it all safely packed into the cargo bay.
De’kar: “wow – nice job Vula.” and hands her a to-go box with a bantha steak, sweet potatoes, and a slice of apple pie.
Vula: “Ooooh thanks, I’m starving. I’m going to go wash up and then eat this” she bounces off to wash her hands

We are the best
The best at space!

So you have about two days of hyperspace travel ahead of you.
Quick synopsis of how you spend your time?

Ren: (Tinkering. Drinking. Complaining.) Kenzi: Kenzi spends most of the time tidying, also searching for any more, um, surprises that Errant Venture might have for us. Vula: (Cleaning up Abe, pooping)

ABE: (Searching files to get updated…and being cleaned)

Kenzi: He also suggests that the mechanically minded among us might try to tweak our transponder codes De’Kar: 1) reading about WTF happened since I went to sleep.

2) asking about WTF happened since he went to sleep.
3) looking for a charge adapter for his blasters…
4) hiding and scareing the bothan for no good reason other than to make sure he still can.
oh – and drinking lots of water.


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