Scoundrel's Luck

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Before the Beginning
Nar Shadda

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: My name is Wojo Cubar, and I am a Devaronian freighter captain. I have just stolen my own ship, the Emma Maersk, from my former business partners. I was completely justified in doing so, I assure you. I am currently flying her unassisted to the smuggler’s haven of Nar Shadda. There I hope to take on a new crew and to modify the Emma Maersk beyond recognition. Then I hope to begin working again somewhere on the far reaches of the galaxy. Somewhere where my pursuers can never find me.

When I reach Nar Shadda I go to a local dive cantina, a place I have been to many times before. This place is always swarming with spacers looking to join a crew. I order a drink and take a look around for prospects. Usually I feel comfortable here, but this time something is different. Maybe it’s just paranoia, but I feel that I need to crew my ship with two, maybe just one more spacer and get her out of her as soon as I can. There will be time to finish assembling a crew and modifying the ship later, on a safer planet hopefully. Word of bounties travels quickly on Nar Shadda. It’s only a matter of time before someone here tries to haul me in.

The Beginning

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: We land at a mining outpost on Datnooine. It looks like a real dump, but it’s one of the few “civilized” places we can find.

After I secure the ship, Knup runs off to do his thing. Knup really hasn’t told me much about himself yet. He seems really concerned about the Imperial outpost here. I’d really appreciate if we could just steer clear of the Empire entirely, but he seems hell-bent on taking a closer look at Imperial goings-on here. Seems like there’s no stopping him when he has a mind to do something. I just hope he doesn’t drag me into something with him.

A Big, Scary Man
Mining Outpost - Dantooine

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: I really want to get the hell out of here, but Knup insists we stay one more day. We go back to the cantina for “breakfast”, and I notice the big guy again. Who is he? Why is he so big? I get up and go to the fresher. As I make my way back toward our booth, someone taps on my shoulder. I wheel around and come face to face with the big guy. In the most intimidating way possible he says “You got lucky last night. Don’t do anything that stupid again.” Then he walks away. I can’t help but notice that he looks kind of familiar somehow.

Puzzled, I go back to the booth and tell Knup what just happened. Knup tells me that he has observed some local buzz about the events of last night. I guess Knup managed to create quite a bit of ruckus. The word on the street is that a Wookie broke into the Imperial compound. Lucky for us, Knup is not a Wookie.

The Aftermath
Mining Outpost - Dantooine

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: Now we have a bit of a situation on our hands. Not a whole lot seems to happen around this mining outpost, and Knup’s escapade is now the talk of the town. Luckily no one seems to suspect Knup, as it doesn’t seem possible for someone of his size to inflict so much damage on a building. However, as we inspect the area surrounding the compound, we find several security cameras, including one facing the door Knup destroyed while attempting to enter the building.

I’m already in serious trouble and I’m not too happy about digging in even deeper. I could just leave Knup here and head for the hills, but he knows too much about my situation already. And I have to admit, I’d feel pretty bad about ditching him and I’d kind of miss him. Hey, it gets lonely out there in space. On top of that, Knup has proven himself as a valuable mechanic, and it’s pretty tough to find good help out here on the far reaches of the galaxy. Like it or not, it looks like I’m now stuck with Knup, and it’s in my best interest to help him out of this jam. How bad could it be, anyway? There doesn’t seem to be any kind of Imperial presence here.

Jace Orna

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: We are planning on using the local shuttle service to explore the area today, but before we leave, Knup drags me to see Zack the mechanic. Knup apparently visited Zack’s shop earlier and saw a survey droid that he just HAD to have.

Breaking and Entering
Orna's House - Dantooine

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: Knup didn’t bother to find an address for this Jace Orna guy while he was busy wrecking the Imperial Compound. Luckily, it seems that all of the homes in this community have family names printed on the mailbox. That makes it easy to find Orna’s house.

Knup manages to get the door unlocked and the security system shut down… but just barely. The house is dark inside. Knup seems convinced that he needs to sneak around the house all stealth-like. I’m convinced that nobody is home, so I turn on the lights. Knup freezes. He looks silly crouched down doing one of his sneaky moves. I laugh heartily, which pisses him off.

New Blood

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: We land on at a spacer port near the Northern Settlement on Tabiid. It is a fairly typical spacer port; freighters are lined up undergoing repairs, taking on fuel, cargo, and passengers, etc. We decide to go to the local cantina to “search for information.” Personally, I’d just like a drink.

The cantina is called the The Silvered Credchip. It is a low key place, and there seems to be some kind of sabacc tournament going on. No one notices us. We go up to the bar and I order a glass of Arbor Mist and check out the bartender. She is an attractive Twi’lek, and she reminds me of the girl we painted on the nose of the Nelsa Loy. I decide to try to impress her, and so I order the strongest drink in the house. She gives me a Durindfire. I can’t handle it. I choke and spit it back up. So embarrassing. Knup seems disgusted, even though I can’t read his face.

Arriving at Naboo

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: Knup, Ghall, and I decide to help the human and his mon calamari friend for a reasonable price. We figure that we are already more or less on a suicide mission so we might as well complicate things further. In addition, these two individuals might prove valuable at some point, as one has medical training and the other is a computer genius. Oh, and the human claims to be rich. We are currently running low on credits.

We meet the human and the mon calamari at the agreed upon time at the Silvered Credchip. We lay down our terms and reach an agreement. We will take the two individuals to our next stop and leave them there. At that point we will work out payment. During our conversation, the mon calamari mentions that she is skilled in the art of forging documents. My interest is piqued. The Nelsa Loy is currently flying with papers forged by my own hand. I have faked a number of documents in my day but I can’t honestly claim to be an expert at such things. I hope she is as good as she claims.

Searching for Fel

From Wojo’s stream of consciousness: I have a fantastic time exploring the Keren Grand Prix race course. I do the self-guided walking tour and I make sure to spend plenty of time in the museum. I am especially excited to see (legendary Devaronian swoop racer) Alba Junya Jr.’s swoop from 10 years ago when he won the points championship. That was an exciting season. Knup would be so jealous if he knew how I was spending my time here on Naboo.

After the museum I decide to do a little window shopping. I’m always looking for ways to upgrade the ship. I’m worried about the long-term integrity of some of the hull repairs we performed earlier. I’d really like to get some replacement hull panels if possible. Luckily, I find a parts dealer not far from the race course. He’s a purple Twi’lek named Keckay. I find the panels I need at his dealership, but he charges a pretty cred for them. Oh well, what choice do I have? At least I get a chance to finally use the loader droid to transport the panels back to the ship.


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