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Ships, Droids and Vehicles:

The Nelsa Loy: The Party’s Awesome Nova Courier
The Errant Venture: Kenzi Vigil’s tramp freighter
R3-K6 “Ricky Bobby”: The Nelsa Loy’s Astromech Droid
CLL-8 Binary Loadlifter: Not yet ready for the robot battle arena
X-34 Landspeeder: The Sweet Camaro
V-35 Landspeeder: Pimped Out Escalade
V-35 Truck Conversion: El Camino Wannabe
DZ-70 “Dizzy”: The faithful survey droid

Planets, Places and Points of Interest

The Silvered Credchip: Sabacc Den located on Tabiid
Keren, Naboo: Mercantile Hub
The Mining Outpost: Full of dumpsters. Less full of Imperials.

Fun Stuff

Quotes of the Evening: Quotes of the Night

Main Page

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