The Nelsa Loy

A YKL-37R Nova Courier

The newly-christened Nelsa Loy is Wojo’s baby. Purchased by a consortium of smugglers, she came to be a part of the party when Wojo decided that his business partners didn’t take good enough care of her. She’s now in his possession, and the rest of the party has taken quite a shine to her. Ykl 37r nova courier

3545983845 3b277db999 oRecently, several modifications have been made to the ship. The lower gun turret has been modified to allow Ghal to enter and exit without squeezing through, and one of the mid-deck rooms has been converted into a med bay.

While the ship was docked in New Dearic on Dantooine, Wojo spent quite some time painting elaborate nose art onto the forward fuselage. So far the painting has escaped damage. There was some talk of starting to keep a running tally of destroyed TIE fighters nearby, but it was decided that might draw unwanted Imperial Attention.

Each of the party members has their own cabin, and Ghall has taken up residence in the upper Cargo bay, as the staterooms are too small for him to rest comfortably in.

No one seems to want to use the same fresher that Knup uses though. I’m sure it is only a matter of time before there is an intervention staged about his clothing.

The Nelsa LoyYKL-37R Nova Courier

Colossal Space Transport
Nova courier statblock

Modified Shield Information:

Dorsal: 75
Ventral: 75
Front: 75
Back: 75

Shield Recharge Rate: 10/round
DR (hp only): 15

The Nelsa Loy

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