Ancient, literal-mided Medical Droid with extra programming.


AB-E17 (Abe)
Medium sized, Medical Droid, Noble 3
Force Points 5; Destiny ?; Dark Side 0
Initiative +9; Senses Perception +13 (Low-light and Darkvision)
Move 6 Walking 8_Rolling_(exclusive)
Languages Basic, Binary, Bocce, Bothese, Duro, High Galactic, Huttese, Rodian

Fort 13, Ref 17 Will 20
HP 29; Threshold 13

Melee + 1, 1d3+1
BAB + 3; Grapple +3

Ability Scores
Str 10 (+ 0), Dex 16 (+ 3), Con – (-), Int 20 (+ 5), Wis 20 (+ 5), Cha 11 (+ 0)
Speed 6

Weapon Proficiency (pistols), Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons), Linguistics, Skill Focus (Treat Injury), Recall, Surgical Expertise

Gather Information +8, Initiative +11, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +13, Knowledge (Life Sciences) +13, Knowledge (Physical Sciences) +13, Knowledge (Social Sciences) +13, Knowledge (Technology) +13, Mechanics +13, Perception +15, Treat Injury +18, Use Computer +18

Bolster Ally, Uso

Droid Traits, Low light Vision, Darkvision, 4 legs (+5 to stability, 1.5x Carrying Capacity)

Tool Kit, Security Kit, Medical Kit, Medpac x4
Accessories: Improved sensors, Darkvision, locked access, vocabulator, 8kg compartment space, SCOMP probe, Upper tool appendage (Glow rod), Lower tool appendage (Fire extinguisher), lower tool appendage (vacant), Magnetic feet, internal comlink, Second battery


AB-E17 is an ancient medical droid of unknown manufacture with many alterations and additional programs. Sadly his major quirk seems to be literal-mindedness.
Revealed to be over 1000 years old, although there has been a memory wipe much more recently.

AB-E17 is a sphere 1 meter in diameter, with one red sensor mounted on a swivel on the upper half. This provides a 360 degree view and can be retracted almost flush with the outer shell.
Four legs extend from the bottom half to provide mobility and stability. These legs are fully retractable and can extend to give the droid a standing height up to 3 meters.
Below the legs are the extendable arms, that can be swiveled 360 degrees on their mounts, ending in 4 fingered hands
Both halves of the outer shell have barely visible hatches for other tools and devices and can be closed to render the droid almost perfectly spherical.
The last third of the bottom half can drop to expose an 8 kg storage compartment, where emergency medical supplies and tools are kept.

>Please state the nature of your medical emergency.<

>Please state the nature of your mechanical emergency.<

>Danger, Kenzi Vigil! Danger!<

>In your currently dehydrated state, alcohol is contraindicated, sir Sep.<

>Your request is denied, Gentle-being. I lack any programming or physical components that would allow me to “go kriff myself”.<

>These are not the biologicals that you are looking for. I can go about my business. Move along.<

>Excuse me, sir, but stupidity is beyond any cure available to my medical programming.<


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