Mining Outpost, Dantooine

Located in the northern hemisphere of Dantooine, the Mining Outpost is a recent addition to the planet. Established by the Empire when they took over control of the planet, it has done little to help the struggling agrarian planet grow. The planet was sparsely populated and was a haven for big game hunters, mining operations and, recently, both the Black Sun and the nascent Alliance to Restore the Republic.


Wojo and Knup arrived at the Mining Outpost after they fled left Nar Shadda under perfectly legal conditions. Soon after arriving, Wojo became very drunk, then met Tarand, while Knup didn’t get drunk, shot up an Imperial recruitment facility, then fell off the roof into a dumpster.

There is little love lost between the two of them and the Outpost.

Mining Outpost, Dantooine

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